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You may apply for an extension for assigned work in exceptional circumstances.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the University Policy on Special Consideration.  The Policy was amended by R14/12 of the Teaching and Learning Committee.


  1. Procedure
  2. Medical
  3. Exceptional personal difficulties
  4. Work and other extracurricular commitments
  5. Computer related difficulties
  6. Clash of assessment deadlines


In all cases, requests for extensions require the submission of a Special Consideration form no later than three University working days after the due date for the piece of assessment concerned to the Design and Education Student Office.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply in advance given the consequences of an extension declension after the due date.

The form should be completed fully and accurately.  Students must have Section 6 of the form completed by a suitable report provider or submit a written report that includes the information requested in Section 6.  Incomplete forms will be rejected.

Forms submitted outside the time limit will not be accepted unless the student is too ill to attend University to lodge the form, in which case the form may be lodged when the student returns to University. In these cases students should make a reasonable effort to inform the School verbally that they will be applying for an extension.

Extension slips will be attached to students' submissions when they submit to notify academic staff not to deduct marks.  Where pieces of assessment are submitted before an extension slip is available the slip will be placed in the relevant academic's pigeon hole for their information.

The School approves extensions only in exceptional circumstances.

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In these cases an extension may be granted on the basis of detailed information provided in Section 6 of the Special Consideration form or production of a detailed medical certificate. In no case can the extension of time be greater than the time missed by illness as certified by a medical practitioner.  The School does not need to know the details of a student's illness but must be given information regarding the severity of the illness, its impact on the student's capacity to complete assessments and the duration of the illness.

Students who have ongoing medical difficulties that may affect their studies must register with UniAccess who will be able to provide additional assistance and can advise the School if extension are appropriate.

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Exceptional personal difficulties

Extreme personal problems, such as death of an immediate relative may be considered as grounds for an extension.  Appropriate supporting documentation must be supplied with the Special Consideration form.

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Work and other extracurricular commitments

Under normal circumstances, extensions will not be granted for reasons of work or other extracurricular commitments.

The School expects that students who work or assume other responsibilities alongside their university studies do so only after careful evaluation and with full knowledge of their commitments in terms of time.  Extensions may be granted where students are absent from University for a substantial period of time for appropriate sporting or cultural activities such as those covered by the University’s agreement with the Australian Sports Commission.  Students must submit a Special Consideration form with appropriate documentation explaining their absence.

The Student Office is available to assist students in assessing the likely impact of combining external commitments with studies and can recommend whether full or part-time study would be appropriate.

Work commitments may only be considered suitable grounds for extension where commitments change unexpectedly and at short notice.  In such cases, students should submit a Special Consideration form with written evidence from an employer substantiating the claim for extra time and outlining the exact nature of the variation to the normal time commitment and the number of days for which this variation is being claimed.

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Computer-related difficulties

Computer related difficulties will generally not be considered grounds for extension. The School expects that students who are required to produce work on computer (including in design studio):

·         familiarise themselves with the hardware/software being used for a given project and, if necessary, seek additional tuition from lecturers/tutors or through web-based tutorials

·         investigate issues of software compatibility between university and home computers

·         start work early so as to avoid the high demand on computers close to assignment deadlines

·         allow themselves sufficient time to plot/print/present the work in line with project requirements. Students using the School computer labs should allow for long printing queues in the lead up to folio submission. Marks may be deducted for incompleteness or for failing to meet required presentation formats. Mismanagement of time is not grounds for an extension.


Clash of assessment deadlines