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You are responsible for ensuring you are enrolled correctly with the appropriate prerequisites or have applied for special approval or leave.

Special approval

Students must seek special approval for a waiver of the rules if they wish to enrol in units for which they either:

  • do not have the prerequisites
  • are outside of the rules for their course.

All applications for special approval should be forwarded to the Manager, Student Office.

Special approval - UWA handbooks

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You must successfully complete all core units of a particular level before being able to begin any design units of a higher level.

Usually, level 1 units in each stream are prerequisites for level 2 units in the same stream, and the level 2 units are prerequisites for the level 3 units. You cannot take any level 3 unit without having completed all level 1 requirements.

See the unit descriptions in the handbooks for details of all prerequisites.

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Re-enrolment is done through studentConnect. Please refer to the appropriate course diagram which contains full details of the units you are required to re-enrol in before logging on to studentConnect.

You can enrol only in units for which you meet the prerequisites and which are designated as part of your course.

Any enrolment outside of these parameters will show as "Invalid".

In some cases you may be entitled to undertake units which studentConnect designates as invalid, or you may be eligible for special approval to take a unit outside of the course rules. In all cases, you must contact the Student Office if you have an invalid unit.

All questions about enrolment closing dates, penalties or technical problems should be directed to Student Administration.
Any questions about course structure, progress and similar issues should be directed to your student office.

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Approved leave

All students must maintain a valid enrolment in at least one teaching period in each academic year. If you interrupt your studies by not enrolling in any units for a particular year you are required to apply for Approved Leave.

Students who do not re-enrol in at least one unit of study in an academic year, and who have not gained approval for a period of leave, will be considered to have discontinued their studies and will be required to re-apply for admission should they wish to return at a later date.

The full Approved Leave policy is on the Student Administration website.

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