Current Students


These are some important University policies that relate to your studies:

  1. Academic conduct and ethical literacy
  2. Special consideration
  3. Assessment
  4. Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions

Academic conduct and ethical literacy

The University take seriously issues of academic literacy and ethical scholarship.

The University has developed a series of policies relating to academic conduct and ethical literacy and the Academic Conduct policy reflects these guidelines. We use the University-wide reporting and penalty mechanisms for students found to have been involved in academic misconduct.

The Academic Conduct Advisor is Associate Professor Tinka Sack

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Special consideration

Students whose studies are adversely affected by significant medical or difficult personal circumstances may be eligible for special consideration. This may be implemented in one of the following ways:

  • late withdrawal from a unit of study without academic penalty
  • temporary or single variation to assignment deadlines (an extension)
  • deferred exam
  • alternate arrangements for assessment or exemption from particular assessment items

All applications for special consideration must be submitted to the Student Office via askUWA or in person. Application forms can be downloaded from the website, or hard copies are available at the our Front Reception. Do not submit requests for any kind of special consideration (including extensions) to your unit coordinator.

Prior to submitting an application, please consult the University Policy on Special Consideration

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Assessment and feedback are integral to the student learning experience - and form a key part of the coursework units that are delivered to students. The University-wide Policy on Assessment sets out the principles that govern the approach and management of formal assessment for coursework students within the University.

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Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students

In accordance with the University Policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students, a student may request a review of an academic decision relating to them, and to appeal if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of that review.

This can include: 

  • the mark assigned for an individual assessment item;
  • the final mark or grade assigned for a unit;
  • the outcome of a special consideration outcome; or
  • the course progress status assigned at the end of an academic year

For an assessment item or final grade, we strongly encourage you to contact your unit coordinator immediately if you think a mark for a unit or individual assignment needs to be double checked because an error has been made.

If an error is not found in the calculation of the mark, the unit coordinator may suggest ways of improving your results.

A unit coordinator will not re-mark your work on request.

If you still believe your mark is unjust, you can download a review request form and access further information on the Review, Appeal and Complaints webpage.

Do this as soon as possible because review requests must be submitted within 5 University working days of the receipt of your result (20 University working days for progress status outcomes).

If you would like further advice on this process, contact the Student Office.

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