Current Students

Student Experience Leaders

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We’d like to hear your opinions as students because your feedback is vital to making our University student-friendly. We want you to play a developmental role in your own programs and services. If you’d like to be more involved in general consultation about ideas, events, digital communications, and lots of other things, join our Student Experience Leaders Group. The University is always interested in student feedback and opinions, and by registering to join you can make sure your voice is heard.

How it works:  

  1. Register your info below including any special interests you may have.
  2. When an opportunity arises we’ll email you to see if you’d like to give some feedback. This might be in the form of attending a focus group, reading some draft materials, reviewing an app/software tool, or answering some questions.
  3. All opportunities will be ‘opt-in’ and almost all of them will be voluntary. If there are occasions where you will be rewarded for your input (cash, vouchers, food, etc) then we’ll make it very clear.
  4. Any questions, email