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Student placement cover

Further information

Certificate of currency

Please contact to request a copy of the certificate of currency.


Enquiries and requests for certificates may be made via email include with your email request evidence of your UWA approval/support for your unpaid placement.  (Please refer below - Persons insured by this policy).

Student placement cover outlines the protection available to UWA students while on course required work experience and placements.

It indemnifies the provider of work experience for liability arising out of any negligent act, error or omission on the part of the students.

However, this indemnity does not extend to any liability, cost or expense arising out of any negligent act or omission of the provider or any of its employees, contractors, agents, invitees or trespassers.

People insured by this policy

This policy covers UWA students doing work experience and placement that is either:

  • a course requirement; or
  • demonstrated to be relevant, and of benefit to, a student's course of study;
  • unpaid;
  • enrolled UWA student at the time of the placement.

Insurance policies covering placement

There are several policies covering students while on work placement:

  • group personal accident plan
  • public liability
  • medical malpractice (where appropriate)
  • corporate travel (when placement occurs interstate or overseas).

Proof of cover

If a student's work placement host requests a letter of cover or a certificate of currency for the work placement, a Course or Unit Co-ordinator, Head of School or Dean of the student must send an email to requesting such.  This request must be accompanied with an email or letter of support.

Special conditions

  • all placements must be authorised by a Course or Unit Co-ordinator, Head of School or Dean for the insurance to be available.
  • all placements must be unpaid. If you are receiving payment or benefits in any way the UWA insurance can not provide cover and the host must provide adequate insurance coverage.
  • must be UWA enrolled students for work placement that is approved as relevant to their course.
  • if a host provides any documentation with terms that need to be signed by the student and if these include any reference to insurance, the documentation must be approved by the UWA Insurance Broker before they are signed.  Please send to email for review and advice.