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Group personal accident plan insurance – student

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Policy information

AIG Insurance
Policy number:
Period of insurance:
From 1 November 2015 to 31 October 2016
Certificate of Currency:
Please contact to request a copy of the certificate of currency.


Enquiries may be made via email or telephone (+61 8) 9424 9424.

The University's group insurance plan allows cover for all of our students.

People insured by this policy

  • All full-time/part-time students of UWA
  • Active life and active associate members of UWA Guild of Undergraduates, UWA Sports and affiliated and or related entities
  • Members (active/associate/life) of the registered sporting clubs of UWA, UWA Guild and UWA Sports Association.


Accidental Death
$100,000 for Insured Persons (with the exception of Insured Persons under 18 years of age whereby the Benefit payable is limited to $10,000)
Weekly Injury Benefits (income earners)
85% of Income to a maximum of $450 per week, 104-week benefit period.
Domestic Help Benefits (non-income earners)
85% of actual costs to a maximum of $300 per week, 52-week benefit period.
Non-Medicare Medical Expenses
100% of the actual Non-Medicare Medical Expenses incurred or the maximum amount $10,000 whichever is the lesser.
HECS and/or Post Graduate Fees
$10,000 maximum reimbursement following total disablement.
Home tutorial expenses
85% of actual costs to a maximum of $300 per week, 104-week benefit period.

Conditions - Medical expenses that may be claimed either in part or in full through Medicare or Private Health insurer cannot be claimed on this policy.


The policy is subject to a $20 excess (for each and every claim) for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses.

Weekly Injury Benefit, Domestic Help and Home Tutorial claims are subject to a 7 day Elimination Period. 


Preparing and Making a claim

Claims for medical expenses must first be lodged with your private health insurer or relevant sports association.


For items not covered under Medicare or any other source:-

  1. Download and complete the Student PA Claim Form and Attending Physicians Statement from this web page.
  2. Forward the completed forms to UWA's Insurance Broker via email with all receipts, quotes and relevant documentation including UWA Incident Report within 30 days of completion of your incident or as soon as possible thereafter.
  3. Please ensure your Australian bank account details and Student ID number are detailed on the claim form to enable funds to be paid into your nominated bank account.
  4. The UWA Insurance Broker will review the information submitted with your claim and forward to AIG Insurance for assessment.  AIG Insurance have 10 business days to assess your claim once all supporting documentation is provided and all investigations are complete. 

Send your completed claim form to the UWA Insurance Broker via email

General queries can also be sent to this email address or via telephone +61 8 9424 9424.

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