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Transitioning to university life can be an exciting, fulfilling and demanding experience – we know you will have plenty of fun at UWA.

We also know that some of you may experience difficulty adjusting, encounter stress and anxiety about your work and relationships and at times need to ask for help.

Make sure you take advantage of the many excellent support services at UWA designed to help you adapt to life as a university student.

We recommend the following resources and online modules to support your learning experience. You should access support and resources early to reduce the risk of encountering problems. Information sheets and brochures are available outside the Counselling Office, 1st floor of Student Central.

Lecturers and course co-ordinators may be able to assist with lectures missed due to illness, incorporating specific supports as needed, special consideration, and extensions on assignments if you are unwell.

Usually it is best if you contact your lecturer or course coordinator directly. You can also talk with your Student Faculty Adviser. In some situations, with your permission counselling staff will contact academic staff to help you resolve difficulties or solve an academic problem.

  1. Staying sane at uni
  2. Staying healthy while studying
  3. Managing your mental health

Staying sane at uni

University study is challenging – adjusting to timetables, attending lectures, writing essays, balancing work, family and your social life. For some, going to uni means living away from home for the first time and experiencing greater independence than in the past.

New ideas and concepts, new people and beliefs, all contribute to the ongoing experience of personal development. This information has been written from a student’s perspective to give an overview of a range of information and services that may be of use to you, including:

  • hints for maintaining a well lifestyle
  • tips for coping when the pressure is on
  • who to see and where to go to for help
  • support when dealing with mental illness
  • an information bank of resources, contact details of support services at UWA and in the community.

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Staying healthy while studying

These web resources help students think about the importance of staying healthy while studying. A healthy lifestyle helps you make the most of your learning experience and reduces the possibility of becoming stressed and developing a mental health problem.

Some resources have podcasts that you can listen to, download or subscribe to.

Healthy living

Sexuality and sexual health

International students

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Managing your mental health

Some students will experience mental health problems while studying at university. The following resources include web based fact sheets, treatment guides, and information brochures. Some of these resources have podcasts that you can listen to, download or subscribe to.

Anxiety and panic disorders



Alcohol and drug use

Deliberate self-harm



Bipolar disorder

Eating disorders


Post-traumatic stress disorder

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