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The UWA Local Drug Action Group (UWA LDAG) works to develop programs aimed at minimising the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs in the UWA community.

The group consists of staff and students within the UWA community, as well as representatives from external agencies. The success of the UWA LDAG depends on the breadth of community support for activities that are developed.

Members of the UWA community are able to apply for funding through the UWA LDAG for projects or initiatives that aim to address issues related to alcohol and other drug use. 

The LDAG Strategy

Partnerships between the Government and the community to address alcohol and drug issues in local areas led to the establishment of LDAGs throughout the state. The groups are part of a comprehensive WA strategy for harm reduction of alcohol and other drugs.

Since 1996, a community network of over 60 not-for-profit groups have been formed and are in operation in Western Australia.

All groups come under the management of Local Drug Action Groups Inc., which is responsible for the continuing management and development of the network of LDAGs throughout Western Australia.

The UWA LDAG is supported by the Palmerston Association. A representative from the Association attends LDAG bimonthly meetings and provides the UWA Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling Service.

LDAGs have been successful in:

  • Providing alternative recreational and educational activities for young people
  • Issuing alcohol and other drug educational material and information throughout the community
  • Monitoring local issues and trends
  • Raising awareness of alcohol and other drug issues in the community
  • Empowering the community and encouraging capacity building to enable members to acknowledge and take control over alcohol and other drug issues in their communities.

UWA's LDAG works autonomously to develop, implement and evaluate strategies that are relevant to the unique university community. The Mental Health Commission provides support, funding and resources to LDAGs. To access further information you can visit the following:

Interested in becoming a student or staff member of the UWA LDAG? Get in touch with the Committee.