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The UWA Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategy

As a student at UWA, your life extends beyond the classroom. Making healthy and safe decisions, including whether or not to use alcohol or other drugs, is one of the added challenges you may have to face while at university.

Our Alcohol and other Drug Strategy, aims to give students the knowledge, skills and support, to make informed choices around alcohol and other drugs.

The Alcohol and other Drug Strategy

The Alcohol and other Drug Strategy, or previously known as the Tertiary Alcohol Project, has been running at UWA since 2002, with a wide range of strategies from awareness-building to treatment for problematic alcohol and other drug use.

The Strategy places a focus on preventing and minimising alcohol and drug related harm through education and training, while advocating for the environmental supports needed for students to make healthy and safe choices.

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Alcohol and other drug information: 

The aim of this strategy is to give you the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions around your use of alcohol and other drugs so you can protect yourself and others.