The Lived Experience Project

Further information

  • Become a volunteer peer educator
  • Mental Health First Aid Training

lived experience presentersThe Fit for Study Lived Experience Project began at UWA in 2015 and provides an opportunity for UWA students to share their lived experiences of mental illness and personal challenges with other students in a safe and supportive environment.

The Project aims to inspire action in others by breaking down barriers to help-seeking and to promote a mentally healthy campus at UWA, free from stigma. Research shows that contact with a person who has a lived experience of mental illness is an effective way of achieving this.

Lived Experience volunteer speakers receive training to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in sharing their story. Volunteers are also provided with additional support and recognition on their academic transcript for contributions made to the project.

Trained speakers are invited to share their story at forums such as Mental Health First Aid training, Mental Health Awareness Workshops or other awareness events around campus.

Contact the Health Promotion Unit if you would like to get involved in this project or to request a presentation at your mental health event for students.