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Health, Wellbeing and Safety

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  • UWA Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling Service

Health and wellbeing are essential so you can balance your life. There's plenty of help available at UWA.

Medical Centre
The Centre provides comprehensive medical care, including Alcohol and drug counselling, contraceptive advice, testing for sexually transmitted infections and travel advice and vaccinations.
Fit for Study
Fit for Study runs a number of programs including the Mentally Healthy Campus Strategy, Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategy, Sexuality, Sexual Health and Relationships Education Strategy and Peer Education Program.
Spiritual life
Services and groups that support your beliefs and spirituality, including the opportunity to talk with a chaplain.
Support, including accessible course materials and special consideration, to help you maximise academic potential.

A range of services to enhance student life at UWA, including individual counselling, Skillshops, online resources and self-help modules.

Sexual Harassment and Assault

Where to go for emergency response, support and how to submit a report. Learn about the preventative initiatives at the university and how you can contribute to a safe and respectful campus.