Academic documents



An official record of your studies at The University of Western Australia that includes all your units and grades.


An official document to prove that you have completed all the requirements for your course. This document can support your application for Australian Permanent Residency. No units or results are included.


An official letter to confirm your current enrolment, or to detail your full enrolment history as you require. This letter does not include units or grades.


An official document that includes all the information you find on an Academic Record. It provides additional information about your course, The University of Western Australia and the Australian Higher Education system.

Sample documents

As a current or previous student, you can order a range of official documents that can provide details or verification your study at UWA.

The most common document ordered is a Statement of Academic Record (transcript) which lists all courses and units attempted at UWA. You can see a sample of this and other documents on this page. If you are unsure which document you might need, you can submit a query through askUWA for some advice.

We are unable to provide academic documents to students who currently have an academic or administrative encumbrance on their record, if you need to clear an encumbrance, contact us through askUWA.

Current students and recent graduates can order online with a student number and Pheme password. You must select your documents (original, photocopy or express) and delivery or collection method when ordering.

Order and pay online with a credit card or debit card using studentConnect now

Students who have graduated or studied at UWA previously, who cannot log in with a Pheme password, can order and pay for documents online. For privacy protection, you must first obtain a photographic identity verification link (valid for a single order within two weeks). Alternatively, order in person at Student Administration.

Your identification

When you studied at UWA

When you studied at UWA

Attach a driver's licence or photo page from your passport as a JPEG, JPG or PDF file (5 MB or smaller)

If your name has changed since you studied at UWA, you must upload a copy of proof as a JPEG, JPG or PDF file (5 MB or smaller)

Your study at UWA

If known. Use the digit '1' instead of the letter 'X'.

Your contact details

The outcome of your request will be emailed to this address

Documents can only be ordered by a current or past student. If necessary, documents may be collected in person by a nominated proxy (see below). If you are a third party and need to verify an award for a previous UWA student, please use our award verification service online. For other enquiries, askUWA online.

Award verification service online

Price list

Document First Copy Additional Copies
(Same Order)
Documents for Express 3 Hour Service
Documents for Next Business Day
Delivery Price (Per Destination)

Getting your document

  • Order an Express Paper Document (not including Letters) and your document will be ready in three business hours (not including postage time). 
  • Order a Paper Document (not including Letters), and your document will be ready in two working days (not including postage time). 
  • Order a Letter of Enrolment/Visa Letter, these will be ready in five University working days.
  • If your enrolment was prior to 1968, your documents may take longer to produce.

Postal delivery

Remember to allow time for postage if you choose this method of delivery. It is best to allow about 5 working days for documents sent within Australia and up to 10 working days if you need your document delivered overseas.

My eQuals digital documents

The University of Western Australia is now issuing digital academic documents via My eQuals - a secure online platform for hosting and authenticating digital academic documents. 

Current students, past students and graduates can order digital copies of their Statement of Academic Record (or transcript) following the instructions above. For details on access to other digital documents, see our FAQ

You can use My eQuals to safely share your digital documents with anyone you choose including employers, universities and other parties. You control who can see your records and for how long. It's secure, environmentally friendly, and an easy online alternative to access your Statement of Academic Record, which protects your credentials and guarantees the authenticity of your documents.

When accessing My eQuals use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, EDGE or Internet Explorer 11 browsers (Internet Explorer 10 and older versions aren't supported). For more information about My eQuals, have a look at our FAQs on askUWA and the My eQuals website

Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT) courses

If you have completed a CELT bridging course, details of your course will be displayed on your Statement of Academic Record (transcript), not on your Statement of Qualifications.