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UWA Student Services and Amenities Fee

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The UWA Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a compulsory charge approved by the University’s Senate and levied on students enrolling at UWA.

Income generated by the fee is spent on developing and providing a range of recreational, sporting and educational facilities together with social, education and representation activities and services for the direct benefit of all students at UWA. SSAF income is not used, and cannot be used, to support political parties and associated activities.

The compulsory UWA Student Services and Amenities Fee payable by all students enrolling at UWA replaces the voluntary Amenities and Services Fee (ASF) that in previous years has been levied on students electing to make the payment.

Do I have to pay the fee?

All students, including cross-institutional students, enrolled with the University are liable for the UWA Student Services and Amenities Fee. The fee also applies to University staff also enrolled as students. The only students exempt from the fee are those undertaking programs administered by the Centre for English Language Teaching, UWA Extension and preparatory programs offered by the School of Indigenous Studies.

Research degree candidates undertaking their research overseas may apply to have their fee set at $0.00. To apply, send an email request to the Graduate Research School with your details and the period of time that you will be overseas.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw?

If you withdraw from your studies or change your enrolment prior to the relevant semester / trimester census in such a manner as to reduce your UWA Student Services and Amenities Fee liability you may be eligible for a full or partial refund. Allowable refunds are issued automatically. There is no requirement for you to apply for a refund.