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Examination venues are published in your final examination timetable available in studentConnect. The venues are listed here with links to the University map.

BuildingVenue nameAir conditioning
Arts venues
106:157Alexander Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
106:G01Arts Seminar Room G01 - ground floorYes
106:G03Arts Seminar Room G03 - ground floorYes
106:G05Arts Seminar Room G05 - ground floorYes
106:G07Arts Seminar Room G07 - ground floorYes
Arts Seminar Room G27 - ground floor
106:G28Arts Seminar Room G28 - ground floorYes
106:G29Arts Seminar Room G29 - ground floorYes
106:G60Arts Lecture Room 4 - ground floorYes
106:G61Arts Lecture Room 5 - ground floorYes
106:G62Arts Lecture Room 6 - ground floorYes
106:131Arts Seminar Room 131 - first floorYes
106:132Arts Seminar Room 132 - first floorYes
106:133Arts Seminar Room 133 - first floorYes
106:160Arts Lecture Room 8 - first floorYes
106:161Arts Lecture Room 9 - first floorYes
106:162Arts Lecture Room 10 - first floorYes
106:159Austin Lecture Theatre - first floorYes
106:G59Fox Lecture Theatre- ground floorYes
106:158Murdoch Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
Chemistry venues
210:G106Tattersall Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
210:G108Wilsmore Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
Engineering venues
224:G06Engineering Lecture Theatre 1 - ground floorYes
224:G404Engineering Lecture Theatre 2 - ground floorYes
Engineering Lecture Room G11 - ground floor
Engineering Lecture Room G13 - ground floor
Engineering Lecture Room 105 - first floor
Engineering Lecture Room 109 - first floor
Engineering Lecture Room 113 - first floor
Engineering Lecture Room 151 - first floor
224:207Engineering Computer Room 207 - second floorYes
Electrical & Electronic Engineering Venues
ELEC:271Electical Engineering Computer Lab 271Yes
Mathematics venues
223:123Maths Computing Lab - first floorYes
223:G40Weatherburn Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
223:G18Blakers Lecture Theatre Yes 
223:G17Maths Lecture Room 1Yes
223:G19Maths Lecture Room 2Yes
223:G02Maths Lecture Room 3Yes
Business School venues
441:G89Ernst & Young Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
441:G91Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre - ground floorYes
Recreation Centre venues
131:G01UWA Recreation and Fitness Centre - (Gymnasium)Yes
School-based examination venues
Refer to school
School of Dentistry venues
OHCWASchool of DentistryYes
Winthrop Hall venues
101:THRWinthrop Hall Yes
Undercroft venues
101:UCUndercroft No
Arts Lab venues
106:154Arts Undergraduate Computing Lab
School of Sports Science, Exercise and Health venues
EXSC:GYMExercise Science GymYes
Student Central Venues
352:G27G27 Meeting RoomYes

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