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Current students intending to study in 2020 can re-enrol online via studentConnect. It is recommended that you enrol for the 2020 academic year prior to receiving 2019 results. If you have been granted deferred or supplementary examinations, please  re-enrol even though you have not completed the examinations. Remember, you can change your enrolment at a later date, if necessary.

  1. Re-enrolment dates
  2. Current students
  3. Recommencing students
  4. International students
  5. Late fees and charges

Contact your Student Advising Office immediately if you did not enrol by the end of week one for semester as your enrolment may be cancelled.

Re-enrolment dates

End of Year

Mid Year

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Current students

Most students can re-enrol online through studentConnect.

If you are in a non-award course, you may have to enrol using a hardcopy form. Please contact your Student Advising Office to find out the appropriate method.

If you cannot enrol online due to a disability or because you will be staying in a remote area during the enrolment period, contact your Student Advising Office to discuss alternatives

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Recommencing students

If your enrolment has lapsed or been discontinued or you have been excluded from your course, you will need to re-apply.


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International students

All continuing undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, except research students (administered by the Graduate Research School (GRS)), must re-enrol each year. If you do not re-enrol there may be serious implications regarding your student visa and you may be discontinued from your course.  If you have not enrolled by the first day of semester then contact your Student Advising Office.

If you wish to resume your studies at a later time, you will have to re-apply for admission and pay the same tuition fees as new students.

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Late fees and charges

Administration fees, tuition fees and charges, including late fees, must be paid to Student Administration before a student can re-enrol.  

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