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Once you withdraw from your course you need to apply for admission should you wish to return to study at the University at a later date.

  1. Course withdrawal
  2. Recommencing your course after total withdrawal
  3. Withdrawal dates
  4. Withdrawal codes

Course withdrawal

Before withdrawing from your course, you should discuss your intention with your Student Advising Office as other options may be available. You might also consider applying for Approved Leave.

Domestic students

To apply to withdraw from your course log on to studentConnect and select 'Course Details' then ‘Discontinuation/Approved Leave’  and follow the relevant prompts.

Combined course students

You may have the option of transferring into a single degree, and you should discuss this with your Student Advising Office.

International students

Contact the International Student Support Team to discuss the implications for fees and visa requirements if you intend to or have withdrawn.

Medicine and Dentistry students

You must contact the HMS Student Office for an appointment if you want to withdraw from the MD, DMD or DPM courses.

HDR Postgraduate students

You could choose suspension from your course, rather than a total withdrawal, and you should contact the Graduate Research School or your Student Advising Office for further information.

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Recommencing your course after  withdrawal

Re-admission for withdrawn students

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Withdrawal dates

Familiarise yourself with the important dates for the start, finish, census and academic withdrawal for every semester and non-standard teaching period.

Census date

The census date is the last day domestic students can withdraw without incurring a fee liability.

International students and offshore students should refer to their refund policy for fee implications.

The census date applies to all units that are available in that semester. The availability for each unit is noted on your current Statement of Enrolment and other official documents.

If you have not finalised all enrolment and student contribution payment arrangements by the census date the University can cancel your enrolment. The University sets a date prior to the census date for finalising arrangements for commonwealth-supported students.

Academic withdrawal date

The academic withdrawal date is the last day to withdraw from a unit without academic penalty.

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Withdrawal codes for units

Withdrawal codes for units that appear against withdrawn units on your Statement of Enrolment  and Statement of Academic Record.

  • WD = Withdrawn without academic penalty
    For withdrawal before the academic withdrawal date. Recorded on formal academic record.
  • FN = 0% fail due to non-completion
    For withdrawal after the academic withdrawal date. Recorded on formal academic records.
  • WZ = cancellation of unit due to non-payment of fees.
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