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Changing your enrolment

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You can add or withdraw units, majors, specializations or programs after completing your enrolment.

You will be charged for units you are enrolled in at the relevant census date. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment is correct. Failure to adhere to these formal deadlines will result in financial and academic liability.

The most common changes can be easily managed by students enrolled in award courses through studentConnect.

  1. Deadlines for changing your enrolment
  2. Online: Award course students
  3. Paper form: Non-award course students
  4. Adding a late unit

Deadlines for changing your enrolment via studentConnect

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Online: Award course students

Log on to studentConnect, select 'Course Details' and then 'Online Enrolment'. You can add or withdraw from units and unit sets (majors, programs or specializations) up to the end of week one of semester/trimester.

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Paper form: Non-award course students

  1. Collect or request a Change of Enrolment Form from your Student Advising Office .
  2. Complete and lodge it at your Student Advising Office , via askUWA, or in person.
  3. Once your request has been approved, you will be able to view and print your Statement of Enrolment from studentConnect.
  4. Check this carefully and contact Student Administration if the Statement of Enrolment is incorrect.


If you are not on campus, you can request a Change of Enrolment form from Student Advising Office via askUWA. 

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Adding a late unit

In exceptional circumstances, and only with the formal approval of your Student Advising Office you may be permitted to add a unit after the closing date.

Note: Late enrolment is not recommended as you may have difficulty catching up or have missed out on team allocations for group work assignments. No late enrolment will be approved after Week 3.

To do this:

  1. Ask your unit coordinator whether they will support your late enrolment in the unit. If the answer is yes, please ask them to sign the 'Academic Recommendation' box on the Special Approval Form (below).
  2. Present the Special Approval Form to your Student Advising Office, via askUWA or in person.
  3. If the Student Advising Office approves the request, they will provide you with a Change of Enrolment Form to complete and sign. A $50 encumbrance  will be added to your enrollment, and this can be paid at Student Administration, either in person or by phone.
International students

International students studying at both onshore and offshore campuses must meet the same deadlines and obtain the same approvals as domestic students. You must check with your Student Advising Office or your offshore provider to work out whether there are any fee implications before adding late units.


We recommend that all students regularly check their enrolment using studentConnect.

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