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We provide information on all aspects of enrolling and re-enrolling for local, international, UWA and non-UWA students.

How to enrol
How you enrol or re-enrol depends on your course.
All students, except research students, must re-enrol each year.
Changing your enrolment
You can add or withdraw from units, majors or programs after completing your enrolment or re-enrolment.
Changing your personal details
You can change your address online, but if you want to change your name or citizenship status in our records, you have to contact Student Administration.
Cross-institutional enrolment
You can apply to enrol in units at other universities that are not available at your home university on approval from the faculty.
Summer School
Units to be offered from January to February are open to UWA students, other university students and the public.
Undergraduate transfers
You can only transfer to a new course if you have not completed the requirements of your current course.
You can apply for end-on honours online using studentConnect.

The Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) is issued to Commonwealth-assisted students by the Australian Commonwealth Government and stays with them all their academic life.