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To assist third parties in verifying a graduate's UWA qualifications, the Award Verification Service provides a searchable database that confirms all qualifications received by a student, including the date of graduation (conferral). The database is comprehensive from 1985 onwards and contains a majority of the University's earlier graduate records dating back to 1917.

Graduates are also able to share digital copies of their qualifications with third parties via My eQuals. My eQuals is the secure online platform for hosting and authenticating digital academic documents. To find out more about how My eQuals works and how to verify these document, see our My eQuals FAQs.

If you are unable to verify the qualifications of a graduate and need further assistance, please contact Student Administration at [email protected].

If you're seeking additional information about a UWA graduate (for example the dates of their attendance or grades), you will require the graduate's authorisation in order to comply with Western Australia's Privacy Laws. To order additional information print the Award Verification Request Form, obtain the graduate's authority and email it to [email protected].

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