Current Students


Yellow soccer ball on pitch

To be eligible for consideration under the provisions of the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network agreement, you must be recognised as an elite athlete.


Sporting organisations

You must be identified and recognised by one of the following organisations:

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport
  • Australian Rules Football Players' Association
  • Rugby Union Players' Association
  • Rugby League Professionals' Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers' Association
  • Australian Cricketers' Association.

National representatives

Consideration will be given to students who are national representatives to international sporting (or cultural) events. Other representation will be considered on an individual basis. In all cases, proof of selection and participation will be required.

WA Football League (WAFL) senior players

Consideration will only be given to senior players in the WA Football League if their playing commitments clash with examinations on two consecutive Saturdays. In such cases, consideration will be given to rescheduling one of the Saturday examinations. A letter from the club president, on club letterhead, verifying the player's senior status will be required.

State-grade competitions or WAFL colts

Usually students who are participants in state-grade competitions or the WAFL Colts competition will not be eligible for consideration, apart from possible consideration in relation to examinations scheduled on consecutive Saturdays, at the discretion of individual faculties.

Make yourself known; this is no time to be bashful. It is worth introducing yourself to the relevant faculty representative, particularly if you're not represented by one of the associations listed here. If your situation doesn't meet the eligibility criteria listed, you will need to make a case for consideration.