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Consideration will be given to providing flexible assessment and administrative arrangements to elite athletes under the Elite Athlete Friendly University agreement.

Special consideration may encompass:

  • late applications for admission where circumstances beyond the student athlete's control have prevented an on-time application
  • negotiating assessment deadlines based on sporting-related travel commitments
  • using alternative modes of assessment (this option is not available for major assessment components, such as practicums)
  • sitting exams on alternative dates within the current examination period
  • sitting exams externally, if interstate or overseas during the exam period (see Sitting exams away from UWA for information on required arrangements)
  • deferred exams – if the alternative examination arrangements listed above cannot be arranged.

Requesting special consideration

Exams and assessments

Late admission

Faculty decision

The final decision on appropriate assessment methods for units rests with the unit coordinator. Examination arrangements are subject to the approval of the relevant faculty and the manager, Student Administration (see Examinations for further details).

Plan ahead: If you know there are going to be major disruptions to your study program down the track (such as, national or world championships, overseas training), keep that in mind and mention it to your course adviser when you're planning your enrolment. It may affect what you need to enrol in now.