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As a mature-age student you might be wondering whether you will be able to successfully manage your university studies.

UniSkills can help you adapt and cope. Apply to join UniSkills.

It may be that you haven't studied formally for a number of years or you feel that you already have enough responsibilities in your life without the additional pressures associated with study.

All new university students, regardless of age, have to make some adjustments when it comes to succeeding at university study and participating in campus life. However, students who are considered to be mature age (even at the age of 20) may have to make adjustments which are different to those which a 17-year-old school leaver may need to make.

These include:

  • surviving financially
  • juggling family responsibilities and study
  • adapting to the university mode of learning
  • managing study and a job
  • moving from a place of employment or situation where you may have many established friends
  • being older than a predominant school leaver population 
  • maintaining personal relationships outside study
  • being a part-time student and feeling you're missing out on campus life.

Ask for help

If you are experiencing personal or academic problems you are welcome to call in to UniSkills to discuss these issues on a confidential basis.

Student impressions

  • "I am very impressed with the amount of information, guidance and consideration shown to me as a mature age student. Every step of the process from offer to enrolment has been well supported and explained."
  • "Love it, it's beyond helpful."
  • "UniSkills social events enabled me to meet some new friends and maintain those friendships. Being a mature age student and being in the minority on campus, these events were a very enjoyable social experience."
  • "I was made to feel extremely welcome and put at ease, this was especially nice after not studying for 34 years."
  • "Just being able to share the common struggles that mature age students face among a majority teenage university population, helped me adjust to this new and exciting environment without having to worry."