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What does being a mentor involve?

Our mentors are our greatest assets. If you are thinking about becoming a mentor, read on. We welcome you and know you will enjoy your role assisting new students.

Benefits for mentors

Being a mentor is a rewarding activity. Mentors participate for a variety of reasons, but most agree that they receive as much from being a mentor as they give.

As a mentor, you will:

  • meet interesting people
  • develop communication and leadership skills that will be transferable to many social, academic and professional situations
  • assist fellow students in a voluntary capacity which looks great on your rèsumè
  • have fun.

It was great and the training was excellent, there was a strong support network from mentor staff and an overwhelmingly positive response from my mentees.

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Your contribution

Being a mentor is invaluable for students in any faculty. The benefits extend to the faculties as well, by fostering camaraderie and cooperation among its students.

As a mentor you have the opportunity to:

  • share valuable knowledge with new students that you have gained as a result of your own student experience. (Think back to what you know now compared to when you entered university)
  • contribute to the University’s commitment to assisting students in their transition to study
  • contribute to the development of the mentor program by feeding back to the coordinators your views on things that do or don't work.
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The role

Mentors are required to:

  • Successfully complete the UniMentor recruitment, training and development 5 stage process.
  • Participate in other Orientation activities
  • Support new students (mentees)
  • provide mentees with accurate and relevant information about their faculty
  • refer mentees to relevant University services as required
  • maintain contact with mentees as agreed and be responsive to requests for support from mentees within the limits of the role
  • attend UniMentor events where possible
  • act as a positive role model and ambassador for UWA and the UniMentor program.

To be a mentor, you need to be a current student at UWA.

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Signing-up and Qualifying to Become a UniMentor

Each year the program recruits more than 400 mentors to support new students in Semester One and Semester Two.

Registrations to be part of the program for Semester 1 are now open! UniMentor's Recruitment, Training and Development Program are all managed through Career Hub.

To be part of the program in Semester 2, 2014, you must first contact the Mentor Program Staff at You will then be asked to complete the registration form on the Career Hub website. If you have not used Career Hub before use your UWA student ID and pheme password. 

After registration there are 5 Key Stages to qualify as a UniMentor

STAGE 1: Complete 3  elements of Mandatory UniMentor Training

Element (a) Online Training Module (b) UniMentor Development Day (c) Cultural Competency Training

STAGE 2: Complete the Orientation Briefing Module

STAGE 3: Book into and attend the  UniMentor Campus Tour and Link up Events and submit your Group Submission form

STAGE 4: Book into and attend the UniMentor Week 2 Event

STAGE 5: Maintain Continuous Contact with your Mentees

It was a fun and enjoyable experience and it felt good helping people during what can be a nerve-wracking time.

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