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Benefits of UniMentor

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Reward your mentor

Coming from the same faculty as you, your mentor can help you to settle in to your faculty and to the University community.

UniMentors have volunteered for the role, have spent at least a year at University and will definitely be interested in you. UniMentors are people who have been there and done that – they understand the University and how things work around here and they will be focused on helping you find solutions to problems you might be having.


  1. Making the most of your UniMentor
  2. Your role
  3. Changing mentors

Making the most of your UniMentor

Most of you will meet your UniMentor for the first time during O-Week. At your UniMentor linkup, you and your mentor will establish the best method of further contact which may be a mix of in person, phone and email correspondence.

If you are unable to attend orientation, a mentor can be assigned to you to ensure you have a smooth transition in your first few weeks. If you do join the program late, we can organise a mentor to meet with you, show you around the campus and ensure you have completed all of the key activities that are required in the first few weeks.

In most cases students and mentors maintain contact from a minimum of six weeks and the contact can continue until the end of your first year of study – at a point when you feel you are settled.

A mentor can be useful for:

  • understanding uni, how it works, how to get things done
  • knowing where to go when you need help
  • helping to structure your time and manage your workload
  • balancing study, work and personal aspects of your life
  • broadening your networks
  • increasing your understanding of the unwritten rules
  • teaching you the 'hidden knowledge'
  • building your confidence and skills.

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Your role

As a mentee you should:

  • maintain contact with your mentor
  • discuss your expectations with your mentor
  • be flexible
  • provide feedback to your mentor regarding your experience of the program
  • inform your mentor when you are settled in to uni and you no longer need their help.

Keeping in touch

Make sure that your mentor has your current email address and telephone number and please return their calls and messages. Make an effort to attend any group meetings organised by your mentor. To simply ignore them is impolite and unfair.

Always remember to thank your mentor as an acknowledgement of their efforts and commitment to you.

Your mentor is taking time out of their day for you. Whilst there are benefits for your mentor, the major benefits and objectives are focused around you.


To develop and improve the UniMentor program, we measure its effectiveness and efficiency through regular evaluations by mentors and mentees. Periodically during the year, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Please assist by completing and returning all questionnaires.

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Changing mentors

If after the first one or two meetings you feel there has been a mismatch with your mentor, contact us and you will be assigned to a different mentor. You may withdraw from UniMentor or request a different mentor at any time.

You are always welcome to come and discuss any difficulties or concerns you have about UniMentor with our staff.

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