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We offer a peer support network to help first-year undergraduate students with their transition to uni life.

  1. The program
  2. Why you should join
  3. Making the most of UniMentor
  4. Joining up
  5. Joining the program late
  6. Updating your details

The program

UniMentor is a university-wide program that aims to assist you to adjust to university life by matching you with mentors who can answer your questions. Your mentors are students in second year or above, studying the same or a similar course to you.

You will meet with your mentor in a small group of commencing students (mentees). You will first meet your mentor group at the UniMentor linkup for your degree-specific major or if you haven’t determined your major, then your “area of interest”. This group can meet regularly during semester – at times which you organise together – to socialise and discuss issues that may be concerning you. Contact can also take place by telephone or email if you prefer.

Why you should join

Here are five good reasons why you should join:

  1. You will get all the inside information from your mentor about how things happen around uni and your faculty.
  2. You will meet a more experienced student who has ‘been there and done that’. They know how you feel and are here to help you adjust to University life.
  3. You will meet other new students who are doing your course.
  4. Your mentor will be a point of contact for any questions or problems you might have.
  5. You will be a part of a great scheme that can offer you support now and in the future.

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UniMentor Quiz Night - 5th March 2015

Come along with your mentor and fellow mentees to the UniMentor Quiz Night, Thursday 5th March 2015 between 5-8pm. Great opportunity to meet other students and compete for prizes. 

Register your interest on CareerHub. Please use your Pheme password and ID to login.


Making the most of UniMentor

  • Be enthusiastic and continue to meet with your mentor group throughout semester.
  • Contact the UniMentor staff if you would like assistance or have concerns about your mentor.
  • Feel free to ask as many questions of your mentor as you need – no question is too silly.

Tell your mentor when you are settled and feel independent. They need to know when they have done their job well. Remember you can always re-contact them at any time.

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Joining up

All commencing students are automatically assigned a UniMentor from your area of study and you will meet your mentor as part of your orientation activities. The contact with your mentor can be maintained for as little as six weeks or until the end of your first year of study at UWA.

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Joining the program late

If you missed your UniMentor linkup as part of O-Week, it's not too late.

We can match you with a UniMentor if you:

  • missed your orientation activities during O-Week and the opportunity to be linked with a mentor
  • initially felt settled but feel you may need some additional support and contact
  • would like to re-establish the contact with your assigned mentor.

If you complete this form, we will match you with a UniMentor from your area of interest as soon as possible. All of UniMentor's processes are now managed via Career Hub. When you click on the link simply enter your student ID and pheme password to register for Career Hub if you have not used it previously.  If you’re not sure which area of interest you require a mentor from, contact the program staff and we can assist you and facilitate the contact with your mentor.

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Updating your details

If you have moved house, changed your course, name, or phone number, please update your details.

Note: This form will only change your details on the UniMentor database if they match with your Student Administration record. To change your details with Student Administration, refer to the student administration change details page.

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