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Here are some regular events to enhance your spiritual life.

  1. 'What matters to me and why?' series
  2. Retreat opportunities - Wilderness or Quiet Days
  3. St Thomas More lecture
  4. Chaplain's International lecture


‘What matters to me and why?’ series

See the link below for the current series, now available for download.

This series is an ongoing part of the UWA Religion and Globalisation Initiative. Chaplaincy at UWA spons a series of talks by members of the UWA community on the theme, “What matters to me and why.” Academic staff reflect on the relationship between personal belief, faith and working in a tertiary institution.

The earlier series have been very successful - open conversation, personal learnings, and well-founded reasoning which met with good listening and enquiry.

Similar “what matters of me” programs have run for many years in other universities around the world, for example at Stanford University and the University of Southern California.

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Retreat opportunities - Wilderness or Quiet Days

The wilderness offers an opportunity to breathe differently. Out there, away from human constructs, in a somewhat alien space, the mind settles, and spirit speaks if you can learn to hear it.

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St Thomas More lecture

Each year, St Thomas More College at UWA presents the latest in Catholic theology by an eminent visiting lecturer.

In 2011, Father Gerald O’Collins, SJ, AC, Emeritus Dean of Theology, Gregorian University of Rome visited UWA to present 'Miracles - The Resurrection in the 21st Century'.


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Chaplain’s International lecture

From time to time, the Uniting Chaplain offers an event where an international scholar with high credentials addresses contemporary issues. Previous topics included: Third World Christian Perspectives on Global Events, Christianity and the New Atheism, Life in Afghanistan, Law and the War on Terror.


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