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This area is a gateway for students and staff to a range of services and groups  which support spiritual life at The University of Western Australia.

Spiritual life is about more than religion

Spiritual life includes all the big-life, beautiful and invisible stuff, such as:

  • your everyday values
  • the vision for life that you are prepared to live for
  • who you trust and how do you know
  • your measures of integrity and identity
  • what motivates you and brings you meaning and purpose
  • where joy comes from.

Your spiritual life includes finding what it takes to make a difference, to be a community, to be the change you want to see, even to be able to see it in the first place.

It is not easy to sort it all out. Unless you do sort it out for yourself, someone else will give you their vision. But they are on their own path.

How we help

The University is committed to supporting students and staff with a diversity of cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds and promotes interfaith conversation and collaboration wherever possible.

The churches provide the chaplains who help to fulfil that commitment. And there are many other supportive and spiritually respectful persons and groups around the University.