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Once stress rears its ugly head, managing study commitments can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, when things combine, the timing is bad or just one thing blows out of proportion, it is too much to cope with. All of a sudden you find yourself stressed out and not coping.


Signs of stress include:

  • feeling exhausted or fatigued all the time
  • headaches
  • struggling to concentrate
  • difficulty sleeping
  • feeling agitated or hyperactive
  • feeling depressed or tired, unable to get on top of things
  • procrastination and ambivalence, can’t make a decision
  • change in eating patterns.

Ways your behaviour can change include:

  • excessive coffee, alcohol or cigarette intake
  • use or increased use of drugs, prescription or otherwise
  • relationship problems and sexual issues
  • picking fights with people over little things.

This may be a good time to reflect on yourself, where you are up to and where you are at. What do you think the issues are? Can you get a handle on it or do you think you may need to ask for help?


There are things you can do to help you get through your stressful situation.

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