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STUDYSmarter offers two series of workshops specifically designed to help you improve your English at UWA: English Language Bootcamp and Academic Writing in English.

English Language Bootcamp (weeks 1-12*)

English Language Bootcamp includes two parts:

  • Boost your Grammar: Better English Now! - lively, grammar-based workshops that improve your accuracy, fine-tune your language and provide handy grammar tips.
  • Speak Up: Communicate with Confidence - interactive speaking workshops that provide intensive speaking practice, helping you become more confident participating at university and conversing every day.
These sessions run on:
  • Tuesdays from 11am-12pm in Room G.05, Sanders Building for Boost your Grammar: Better English Now!
  • Tuesdays from 12-1pm  in Room G.05, Sanders Building for Speak Up: Communicate with Confidence

Topics for the Boost Your Grammar- sessions are

  • Week 1 - active and passive voice
  • Week 2 - tenses
  • Week 3 - infinitives and gerunds
  • Week 4 - reporting verbs
  • Week 5 - subject/verb agreement  
  • Week 6 - direct and indirect objects
  • Week 7 - relative pronouns and clauses
  • Week 8 - FANBOYS (i.e. coordinating conjunctions)
  • Week 9 - other conjunctions and linking words
  • Week 10 - prepositions and phrasal verbs
  • Week 11 - articles
  • Week 12 - Aussie lingo

Come as often as you'd like! Check out our workshop calendar for more details.

No session during the mid-Semester break.

Academic Writing in English (weeks 2-7)

These workshops will help you to understand academic writing conventions, and develop the skills you need to produce clear accurate and cohesive written texts in English.

The workshops run on

and cover the following topics:

  • Week 2 - Academic style: Writing in a formal way
  • Week 3 - Academic style: Writing objectively
  • Week 4 - Academic style: Writing clearly
  • Week 5 - Cohesive writing: Structuring paragraphs
  • Week 6 - Cohesive writing: Organising information
  • Week 7 - Cohesive writing: Linking ideas

Location of workshops

The Sanders Building is next to the Chemistry building, a short walk from Barry J Marshall Library. Enter through the sliding doors on the ground floor to find room G.05

Enter Student Central opposite the Coop Bookshop and come up the stairs. You’ll find Room 2202 on Level 2. Go up to the top of the stairs and turn left.


There's no need to sign up for any of these classes; simply show up. We'll be happy to see you there!