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About us

STUDYSmarter helps students with their study, communication, maths, writing and research skills.

Our aim is to provide innovative services to equip students of all capabilities with the language and learning needs required to achieve their academic potential.

We also have a range of resources to support staff.

Meet the STUDYSmarter team!

Siri Barrett-Lennard

Siri Barrett-Lennard (team leader)

An English Language and Study Skills Adviser, Siri is fascinated by the way people think and express ideas. She enjoys interacting with students and devising new ways to assist them to excel in their studies. Included in her innovations are the English Language Corner, the Language and Cultural Exchange Program, and English Language and Academic Communication I and II. Siri also helped establish UWA Toastmasters, the Association for Academic Language and Learning, and STUDYSmarter. Siri received a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the 2011 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Fiona Burrows 

Dr Fiona Burrows

Fiona has a background in English Literature and is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary links between science and the arts. She has taught writing at university in both a critical and creative context, and believes that passion and creativity are integral to learning in all fields. 

Geoff Coates

Geoff Coates

Geoff has worked at the front line of university transition in various roles, including lecturer/tutor of first year maths/stats units, lecturer/course designer of pre-tertiary numeracy bridging courses and providing academic support to new students through one-on-one consultations and workshops. He enjoys helping people become confident tertiary students, in particular those who think they will never be good at maths and/or stats. 

 Sarah Evamy

Sarah Evamy

Sarah has worked in universities for over 26 years and enjoys assisting and advising all students on a range of academic and non-academic issues. She is particularly interested in students? university experiences including their expectations, concerns, and engagement.  Sarah has a Masters in Marketing and is currently studying a Doctor of Education at UWA.  

Meriel Griffiths

Dr Meriel Griffiths

Meriel has a professional background in secondary education and taught in the UK and Australia before completing a PhD in English and Cultural Studies at UWA. She enjoys working with students to develop their skills in academic writing, critical thinking and public speaking as well as helping them to improve their study skills. 

Elaine Lopes

Dr Elaine Lopes

Elaine has a background in education. She has a particular interest in equity issues and cross-cultural communication and enjoys the fact that her role at STUDYSmarter provides her with the opportunity to meet people from around the world and from a variety of backgrounds.

Photo of Adam

Dr Adam Nicol

Adam has a PhD in English, with a research background in nineteenth-century literature and science. He began teaching at UWA in 2007, and has worked in equity, access and transition initiatives.

Sanna Peden

Dr Sanna Peden

Sanna has a PhD in contemporary European film and a Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. She has been a lecturer and tutor at UWA for many years and her research has been published internationally. She does not use the Oxford comma, but wishes no specific harm to those who do. 

Photo of Lucy

Dr Lucy Halsall

Lucy thoroughly enjoys interacting with students and believes it is important to provide a positive and comfortable environment that allows everyone to engage in and enjoy their learning. She has a background in education and a particular interest in supporting students who are beginning researchers.