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We help UWA students master maths and stats.

Find the solution by using our free services and resources.

(maths)Smart workshops

Check out our upcoming (maths)Smart workshops in our STUDYSmarter Program Calendar. We offer a range of 45 minute sessions designed to help you build your maths study skills, update your bag of mathematical tools, refresh your memory or boost your knowledge of key topics. Find out more on individual events below.

There are no events scheduled at this time.

(maths)Smart Drop-ins

Get advice and work on your maths/stats studies at (maths)Smart Drop-in study sessions. Ask questions when you need to. Drop in anytime. Bring your friends and work together.

Online resources for your units

The web has lots of maths and stats resources but which ones are right for you? They cover topics you don't need, use different teaching techniques, assume stuff you don't know and even use different notation! So, to make your life easier, we are building up a range of online resources for your units. These include videos, workshop slides, exercises and survival guides for UWA units. We also recommend useful web links to other sites.

(ma+hs)Smart videos

Check out the videos we have created just for UWA maths and stats students. Learn to fix common maths mistakes, cancel common factors, take good maths and stats lecture notes, and more with our videos below, or view our videos on the Maths and statistics tips playlist on our YouTube channel .

Maths and stats survival guides

Other support at UWA

There is additional numeracy support at other places around the University.


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