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AssignmentsGet higher marks: answer the question, plan and write, then polish your assignment.

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Quick tips

  1. Review the question
    • Read the guidelines first!
    • Break down the assignment question
    • Look for task words
    • Identify the assignment format
    • Find style examples in your discipline
    • Gather your notes and sources
    • Do some general reading
    • Use STUDYSmarter’s Assignment Calculator
    • Seek advice
  2. Get started
    • Brainstorm your ideas
    • Organise your ideas
    • Plan your structure
    • Start writing early
    • Alternate between reading and writing
    • Use discipline-appropriate language
    • Keep track of your sources
  3. Finish and polish
    • Check for logic and flow
    • Restructure if needed
    • Edit for clear and concise sentences
    • Proofread for spelling and grammar
    • Check your referencing and citations
    • Check you’ve followed the guidelines
    • Submit! 

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