Current Students

Studying at UWA

As a new student you will face many challenges and encounter a range of new experiences.

So how do you gain an understanding of how you will be expected to learn at UWA?

A good way to start is by viewing the Studying At UWA presentation online or as a PDF so that you can:

  1. become an active, independent learner
  2. develop your awareness of UWA learning environments
  3. know where to go for resources and advice.

Learning at University

One of the most exciting things about studying at UWA is the opportunity to experience a new and exciting learning environment. As a new student, you may be wondering "What will University be like?"  "Who will I meet here?" "How can I keep up with everything I have to do to succeed?" These are all important questions, but it is equally important to appreciate that you bring your own skills, knowledge and experience with you.

A university is more than buildings; it is a community of people, and the culture of learning you have already experienced will shape the way you respond to and interact with peers and mentors you encounter here at UWA. Adapting to a new environment is a vital skill that you will be expected to develop during your course of study here. This will also help you succeed in your chosen career and become a life-long learner and critical thinker.

The most important thing is to participate in the culture of enquiry here by asking questions, noticing your assumptions, trying new approaches, and employing flexibility. This way you become an adaptable, life-long learner who can share unique skills and insights in both local and global communities.

You may like to try the quiz below to test your knowledge of what to expect at UWA.

Active learning

Are you already an active learner? At UWA you will be expected to become one if you are not already.

What is an active learner? It is someone who actively pursues areas of interest and specialisation. It means you take responsibility for your learning, and to succeed, you will be invited to ask questions, challenge claims and find new ways of approaching a given topic.

Your lecturers are likely to expect you to go beyond the set readings and materials in your course so that you can develop in-depth understandings of current ideas.

If you are not sure whether or not you are already an active learner, try the quiz below.

Test your knowledge about UWA by taking a short quiz.