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Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) due dates

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Academic Conduct Essentials

To determine the date by which you must complete the ACE module, check which teaching period you are enrolled in.  You can check the teaching periods by logging into the LMS.

The due dates for completion of ACE in each teaching period are:

ACE Teaching Period
Start Date
ACE-4 (2016 - 2017)
31 October 2016
14 January 2017
1AA 27 February 2017 24 June 2017
2AA 31 July 2017 25 November 2017
ACE-1 23 January 2017 29 April 2017
ACE-2 08 May 2017 12 August 2017
ACE-3 04 September 2017 25 November 2017
ACE-4 (2017-2018) 30 October 2017 12 January 2018

* Date by which you must register 80% or more on the Final Quiz.

Once the finish date has passed, your academic transcript will be updated with an Ungraded Pass (UP) or Not Complete (NC).

If your grade is Not Complete (NC), you will be automatically re-enrolled in ACE for the next teaching period. You complete ACE within your first year of enrolment at UWA or your enrolment may become probationary.

You must complete ACE in order to graduate.

More information about grades can be found at