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Finding accommodation

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Accommodation types

Rights and responsibilities when leasing

Useful information concerning your rights and responsibilities when leasing a property, provided by the Western Australian Department of Commerce.

Student Under 18 Years

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires students under the age of 18 to have appropriate accommodation and welfare arrangements while studying in Australia.

There are a variety of housing options for you to consider while you are living in Perth.

Living on-campus

Five residential colleges on campus provide a safe and secure home for more than 2000 students. They accommodate students of different ages and backgrounds who share academic and personal interests.

The colleges are very popular and we recommend you apply at least four months before you begin at the University.

Other housing options

You must arrive early if you are planning to live off campus in a shared house or rented property, or board with a family. You should aim to arrive two to three weeks before the International Welcome and Orientation Program in order to find suitable accommodation.

Finding a place 

The UWA Housing Office provides listings of vacant and shared accommodation in areas surrounding the campus.

However, it does not evaluate the accommodation or negotiate on your behalf with the owner or agent. You must judge for yourself the quality, suitability and safety of the accommodation.

Online accommodation scams 

Do not become a victim of an online scam. If you find accommodation through the internet, do not sign a contract or pay a deposit until you have seen the place and met with the real estate agent or landlord. There have been instances of accommodation services with fake listings.

You can book temporary accommodation, through our Accommodation Coordinator, at your own expense, for a few days at one of the residential colleges or another short-term accommodation provider.