Current Students

Grievances and appeals

Rights and Responsibilites

Procedures have been established for addressing student complaints about academic matters or the behaviour of other students or staff.


Discrimination or Harassment

UWA is committed to maintaining a work/study environment which is free from discrimination and harassment and has put in place procedures to deal with these issues.

If you experience discrimination, harassment, or unfair treatment or if you feel uncomfortable about the behaviour of another student or a staff member, you can contact the University's  Equity and Diversity Advisers for assistance.  All enquiries are dealt with confidentially.

International Education Conciliator

The Western Australian Department of Education Services has appointed an International Student Conciliator to deal with student complaints regarding their institution.

If students are unhappy with some aspect of their education at the University and wish to discuss this with an independent person, they can contact the Conciliator at any time.

However, the Conciliator can only become actively involved on a student’s behalf once the student has tried to resolve the matter with UWA directly and has been unable to do so.

A student’s meeting with the Conciliator can be confidential and is free.