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Graduation Ceremony

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A Graduation Ceremony is a formal event involving the presentation of degrees, diplomas and certificates, speeches by dignitaries and musical recitals.


  1. Complete the online confirmation of attendance
  2. Order your academic dress
  3. Venue
  4. Guest tickets
  5. Order of proceedings
  6. Accessible lift
  7. Where you can park on campus
  8. Accommodation
  9. Procession of graduands to Winthrop Hall
  10. Crossing the dais
  11. Official photographers and framers
  12. UWA merchandise on sale at the ceremony
  13. What to do if you are unable to attend your ceremony
  14. Lost or forgotten tickets
  15. Information for your guests

Complete the confirmation of attendance

Students who have applied to attend a graduation ceremony will be sent an email to their student email account approximately six weeks before the ceremonies.

To confirm your attendance at your graduation ceremony, log in to studentConnect and complete the Confirmation of Attendance before the closing date, 17 May 2018.

Graduands who do not confirm their attendance will have their award conferred in absentia, and as a result will miss the opportunity to attend a future ceremony for that award.

As part of your confirmation of attendance it's important to:

  • Check your contact address is up to date
  • Complete the pronunciation of your name

Your full name will appear on your award certificate and will be read out at the ceremony, no nicknames or abbreviations will be accepted. If your name is uncommon, difficult to pronounce, or you're simply concerned about the pronunciation, it is helpful to provide the presenter with some guidance. If you include a nickname or abbreviation in your pronunciation, it will be changed. Below are some examples of pronunciation to help you:

  • Paul Harvey von Bergheim would be pronounced as Paul Harvey von Berg-hime
  • Hooi Peng Soon would be pronounced as Hoo-ee P-eng S-oon
  • Rebecca Malkkah Lachovitzki would be pronounced as Rebecca Mul-ka Lah-koh-vitz-kee.

You can also visit the Pronounce Names website if you're unsure how to best write your pronunciation. Do not include 'sounds like' or 'rhymes with' in your pronunciation.

  • Complete the tickets and special seating section

Refer to the guest information below.

  • Make sure you submit your Confirmation of Attendance

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Order your academic dress

Graduation ceremonies are formal University occasions. You are required to wear academic regalia as well as smart personal dress suitable for memorable photographs. When choosing your shoes, be aware that you will need to process with your peers from Great Court South to Winthrop Hall and navigate a small number of steps up to and down from the stage, so consider this if you intend to wear high heels.

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All graduation ceremonies are held in Winthrop Hall

Live-Streaming Venues 

Graduation Ceremony, Thursday 25 July 2019 - TBA

Graduation Ceremony, Friday 26 July 2019 - TBA

Graduation Ceremony, Saturday 27 July 2019 - TBA

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Graduand and complimentary guest tickets

All graduands will be issued with their graduand ticket and a maximum of two complimentary guest tickets for Winthrop Hall. To enable graduands to share their celebration with more family and friends additional guest tickets can be purchased for a live streaming event held in a separate venue.

Complimentary guest tickets for Winthrop Hall

Graduands who choose to attend their ceremony are asked to confirm their attendance via studentConnect, which will also allow them to reserve a maximum of two guest tickets to attend Winthrop Hall. These tickets are unreserved and will be automatically allocated.

Graduand and complimentary guest tickets for Winthrop Hall will be available for collection from GFP Graduations when graduands collect their academic regalia. Graduands who are organising their regalia through another provider will need to see GFP Graduations to collect their tickets. GFP Graduations cannot provide extra complimentary tickets.

All graduands should collect their tickets (including guest tickets) as their guests will need them to enter the Hall and access the post-ceremony reception.

Note: Graduands are required to show photographic identification when collecting tickets.

Your tickets are not transferable. Those graduands who are unable to attend their ceremony are required to notify the Graduation Team immediately via askUWA to arrange to have the award conferred in absentia and to cancel their complimentary tickets.

Purchased guest tickets (graduation live-streaming and refreshment package)

Each graduand can purchase up to five graduation live-streaming and refreshment packages from GFP Graduations. The ticket price of $25 each includes a live-stream broadcast of the ceremony in a lecture theatre adjacent to Winthrop Hall and entry to post-ceremony refreshments.

Before purchasing additional tickets, graduands are required to complete their Confirmation of Attendance in studentConnect. Graduands who fail to confirm their attendance in studentConnect will have their attendance cancelled even if they have purchased their graduation live-streaming and refreshment packages and purchased their regalia.

Additional guest tickets will be emailed to the graduand’s nominated email account upon purchase. All guests are required to present their printed tickets to gain access to the live-streaming venue and the post-ceremony reception. Tickets are not transferable and once scanned cannot be reused.

Refunds for purchased tickets can be claimed from GFP up to 24 hours before the event (contact details and FAQs are also available at that link).

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Order of proceedings

A graduation ceremony comprises the formal presentation of degrees, diplomas and certificates, addresses to graduands and their guests by dignitaries and members of the University, as well as a musical recital. At the conclusion of each ceremony, light refreshments are available for graduates and their guests.

  • Graduands: Please arrive one hour before your ceremony at your designated assembly area. Remember to bring your graduand ticket.
  • Guests: Entry into Winthrop Hall and the lecture theatre is by ticket only. Guests are asked to be seated 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.
  • Formal proceedings will begin at the nominated time of the ceremony, which should take 1.5-2 hours to complete. Light refreshments, and photography and framing services, are available afterwards.

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Accessible lift

There is an accessible lift in the south-west corner of Winthrop Hall. If you or your guests need help walking, or require wheelchair access or any other special seating arrangements, please indicate this when completing the Confirmation of Attendance via studentConnect. We will try to help all graduands and their guests with appropriate seating arrangements.

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Where you can park on campus

Graduation Ceremony, Thursday 25 July 2019 - TBA

Graduation Ceremony, Friday 26 July 2019 - TBA

Graduation Ceremony, Saturday 27 July 2019 - TBA

Please download your copy of the UWA parking map.

Please note: Vehicles are required to be parked in a designated parking bay. This excludes ACROD, Reserved and Service Bays where the appropriate permit are required to be displayed at all times.

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St Catherine's College offers a range of guest apartments for bookings throughout the year. The new studios and apartments are a five-minute walk to the UWA campus and Winthrop Hall. 

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Procession of graduands to Winthrop Hall

Graduands and members of the Faculty will be processing (walking in formation in regalia) from Great Court South - in front of Reid Library (see map below) to Winthrop Hall. As such, you are asked to arrive at Great Court South no later than 60 minutes before the ceremony start time.

After gathering at your assembly area you will be assigned to a row. Please ensure that you do not switch places with another graduand. This is crucial as you will be called in the order in which you lined up and subsequently be seated in Winthrop Hall. You, your graduating peers and Faculty members will process from your assembly area to Winthrop Hall, and along the way, the procession will be joined by the official party.

Please ensure you are on time so that you do not miss out on any part of the celebrations on the day. If you arrive late please report to the help tent outside Winthrop Hall.


Map of Great Court South















The graduation procession and ceremony will be live-streamed online.

Crossing the dais

To ensure the smooth flow of the Graduation Ceremony, graduands should review the instructions on how to cross the dais to receive their award.

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Official photographers and framers

GFP Graduations is the official supplier of photography, framing and DVD services at all graduation ceremonies and will be located in the Undercroft at Winthrop Hall during the graduation round.

They will:

  • take group and individual photographs before and after the ceremony
  • take a photograph of each graduand shaking the Chancellor's hand on stage
  • provide a large range of frames for immediate framing (a photocopy of your certificate is taken prior to framing)
  • capture every graduand’s special moment on DVD

For complete product and pricing information see GFP Graduations.

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UWA merchandise on sale at the ceremony

UWA merchandise, including official clothing and souvenirs, will be on sale on Whitfield Court (outside Winthrop Hall) before and after the ceremony.

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What to do if you are unable to attend your ceremony

Please inform the Graduation team in writing via askUWA. Include your:

  • student ID number
  • full name
  • a statement that you:
    1. are unable to attend your Graduation ceremony
    2. want your award to be conferred in absentia at the ceremony
    3. are aware that once your award has been conferred in absentia you will not be permitted to attend any future ceremony for this award
  • written signature

If you have already received your graduand and guest tickets, please indicate in your letter what you intend to do with the tickets. You can either return them to us or destroy them. Tickets are non-transferrable and will be reallocated by our office.

Lost or forgotten tickets

If you did not collect your tickets for Winthrop Hall, visit the Information Tent at the main entrance of Winthrop Hall before the beginning of your ceremony (allow an extra 15 minutes).

Information for your guests

Please be aware that there will be multiple ceremonies on the day. Your guests will be invited to enter:

  • Winthrop Hall one hour prior and are required to be seated no later than 30 minutes before your ceremony.
  • The live-streaming venue, 45 minutes prior and are required to be seated no later than 15 minutes before your ceremony.

Please note seating for guests in Winthrop Hall and the live-streaming venue is unreserved. On the day, guests are seated on a first come first served basis

The graduation procession and ceremony will be live-streamed online.

If you wish to meet your guests after the ceremony, please arrange to meet them on Whitfield Court as we kindly ask that the foyer is kept clear for people to leave the Hall without difficulty.

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