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Applying to graduate and confirming attendance

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Conferment dates

To become a graduate and receive your award certificate you must first apply for conferral of your award by completing your online application to graduate and confirm attendance.


  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Check your graduation details in studentConnect
  3. Confirm attendance

Apply to graduate online

When you enrolled or re-enrolled at the start of the year you were asked to indicate a nominated completion date. If you indicated:

  • mid 2019, an invitation to apply to graduate will be emailed to your student email account 28 March 2019 (Applications close 25 April 2019) 
  • end 2019, an invitation to apply to graduate will be emailed to your student email account in August 2019.

If you do not receive an email by March or August respectively, you can contact the Graduations team by using the ‘Email Us' in askUWA.

PhD and master by research students will need to contact the Graduation team by using the ‘Email Us' in askUWA once their thesis has been classified as 'passed' or 'passed subject to correction'.

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Complete the online application form

You will be given step by step instructions on how to complete the online process. Below are some examples of additional information:

Changing your contact or overseas contact address

If your contact details change at any time you must update them immediately via studentConnect. We do not accept change of address details by phone or email.

Administrative encumbrances and outstanding debts

If you have unpaid fees or fines you will be unable to graduate. It is important that you clear all outstanding administrative encumbrances prior to lodging your application form. If an administrative encumbrance is not cleared it will result in your application being postponed.

You should be aware that encumbrances can be added at any time.

Adding or removing any part of your name

You will not be able to change your name using the online form. You will be required to provide one of the documents listed below by the application closing date to add or remove any part of your name. Please provide your original document, listing your full name as you wish it to be recorded by the University, to Student Central, Student Administration and ask to speak with a member of the Graduation team.

Accepted documents: 

  1. birth certificate
  2. passport
  3. change of name certificate
  4. marriage certificate.

If you live outside of Perth, interstate or overseas it is unlikely you will be able to visit our office in person. Please forward by mail, an original certified copy of one of the above documents which has been signed by one of the following:

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner of Declarations
  • a person who is permitted to witness documents
  • Notary Public.

Note: Photocopies and scanned copies will not be accepted.

Rearranging your name

You will be able to rearrange the order of your names via the online process. You do not need to present any legal documentation in this situation. You should note that while you are able to rearrange the order of your names on your certificate, all other official documentation will appear as given name(s) first and then your surname.

Attendance at a ceremony

Please check the Conferment Dates to see the current schedule. The course you are graduating with will determine which ceremony you can attend. Unfortunately, once allocated, it is not possible to change your ceremony date. If you cannot attend your allocated ceremony, you may choose to postpone your ceremony to the following round or graduate in absentia and obtain your certificate by post. Please note that if you choose the latter, you will not be allowed to attend a future ceremony for that award.

Please note that graduation dates are subject to change. If, for reason outside our control, the University changes your ceremony date, the Graduation Team will write you to your student email account.

All Graduation Ceremonies are held at Winthrop Hall.

Conferral in absentia – Not attending a ceremony

You do not have to attend a ceremony to graduate. You can graduate in absentia but you still need to apply in order to receive your award certificate. Depending upon when you complete your course your application to graduate will be processed to have your award conferred in absentia at a Graduation Ceremony or via one of the Senate Conferral Dates. Once your award has been conferred your certificate will then be sent to your current contact address in studentConnect via Registered Post (within Australia) or DHL Courier (overseas). Postage is free of charge. Please note, however, there is a fee for any certificates that are returned to the University by the postal service and need to be resent ($10 within Australia, $25 for International Courier).

Note: Please be aware that once your award has been conferred in absentia, it is not possible for you to attend a future graduation ceremony to receive that award.

Combined courses

If you are completing a combined course, you will need to fill in two online application forms (one for each component of the course); however, you are permitted to attend only one ceremony per graduation round. So when applying to graduate, you have different options:

• You can choose to attend one graduation ceremony for one component of your degree and have the other one conferred in absentia and posted to you.
• You can choose to attend a graduation ceremony for each component. In this case you can attend one ceremony in one graduation round and attend another one in the following round. For example if you are enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Engineering, you can receive your certificate for the Bachelor of Commerce at a graduation ceremony in December 2018 and receive your Bachelor of Engineering at a graduation ceremony in July 2019.
• You can choose to have both awards conferred in absentia at a Senate Conferral date.

The above also applies to graduands due to graduate with multiple awards, for example bachelor degree and honours degree or undergraduate and postgraduate degree.

Please note that the date printed on the award certificate is the date the award was conferred not the date you finished your course. So if you graduate with a combined degree or have multiple awards conferred on different dates, the dates on your certificates will be different. Conversely if your awards are conferred on the same date, all your certificates will have the same date even though you completed your courses in different years.


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Check your graduation details in studentConnect

Students who have applied to graduate will be advised of their ceremony date via their student email in due course. Once allocated to a ceremony, the date will show in studentConnect.

Don't forget to check your award information

Please carefully check your course details when applying to graduate as this information will be printed on your certificate. There are limited circumstances in which a conferred award can be amended. 

How to check that you have selected your intended majors/specialisations in studentConnect?

You can check the majors/specialisations you have selected during your course by:

  • Logging on to studentConnect with your Student ID and Pheme password.
  • Under the ENROLMENT menu select 'Course and Unit' 
  • Under the course in which you are enrolled select 'Unit Sets'

If the information about your majors/specialisations is not correct, you can change it by:

  • Logging on to studentConnect with your Student ID and Pheme password.
  • Under the ENROLMENT menu select 'Online Enrolment & Change of Enrolment' 
  • Click on 'Select your Majors, Minors, Programs or Specialisations'
Contact your Faculty Student Office if you are unable to make changes online via studentConnect.

Date of your graduation ceremony

Please note the date of your graduation ceremony is provisional and will be confirmed when you confirm your attendance. We do not expect the date to change by more than 24 hours.

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Confirmation of attendance

Students who have applied to attend a graduation ceremony will be sent an email to their student account to ask them to confirm their attendance.

You will need to log in to studentConnect to complete the Confirmation of Attendance before the closing date, 26 October 2018.

Once you have successfully completed the confirmation of attendance you will receive an email titled Your Confirmation of Attendance Receipt.

Graduands failing to complete this procedure will have their award conferred in absentia and will not be permitted to attend any future ceremony for that award.

If you confirm your attendance at a ceremony and subsequently cancel your attendance or choose not to attend the ceremony your award will be conferred in absentia and you will not have the opportunity to attend a future graduation ceremony. 

After you have confirmed your attendance, if you find that you are no longer able to attend your ceremony due to mitigating circumstances and would like us to transfer your application to a future ceremony, please email us through AskUWA on or before the date of your ceremony.

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