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Academic dress

Graduands attending their Graduation Ceremony are required to wear the correct academic dress and, in keeping with a formal occasion, are asked to wear neat business attire under their academic dress.

How do I order my graduation academic dress?

Graduands who have confirmed their attendance at a UWA Graduation Ceremony are required to order their academic dress. The University has appointed a preferred provider of academic dress GFP Graduations. Graduands may order through the UWA On-line Academic Dress Ordering Service supplied by GFP Graduations. Graduands may obtain their academic dress from any supplier provided the academic dress complies with the University‚Äôs Statute 11 however, should it not comply you will be supplied with replacement academic dress at your cost.

All graduands are required to wear a gown, a hood and a trencher cap (often referred to as a mortar board). Academic dress prices vary according to the award that is being conferred. Full details are published on the Academic Dress Ordering Service website.

When and where do I collect my regalia?

Academic dress ordered through GFP Graduations using the Academic Dress Ordering Service website should be collected at the specified times. 


Need help wearing your regalia?

GFP Graduations has a 'Dress Me' station set-up to assist graduands with their regalia. The 'Dress Me' station is located close to the Regalia Marquee on the Southern side of the Undercroft near Winthrop Hall and will open until 1 hour before each ceremony. Staff will be available to dress any late arrivals at Great Court South (opposite the Reid Library).