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Professor Estie Kruger
Professor Estie Kruger

Professor Marc Tennant
Winthrop Professor Marc Tennant

Please have a look at for lots more interesting info on who we are, what we do and the sorts of things you can do with our team.  There is a link at the bottom of the home page especially for prospective 2015 projects.
Example Project: Have we got the scale right in fighting crime?
Project outline

Crime investigation relies on good science to make good decisions.  The underpinning benchmarks of good science is good measurement with known outcomes.  We have a series of projects looking at building a strong science base under some of the methods of identification of victims of crime and disasters.  Our team includes about 30 graduate students and more than 150 collaborators across the globe (  We collaborate with Forensic Science teams in Tasmania, Queensland and well as locally.  The core values of the research team are about making a just and equitable society!  All students are fully supported during their studies and we have a near 100% record of peer review publication from students’ efforts (with the student being the lead author).  Research with this team will make a difference to the world.

Project is suitable for
Honours, Masters, (extension of it will lead to Doctorate level).

Win Prof Marc Tennant
Other Supervisor
A/Prof Estie Kruger and International Research Collaborative – Oral Health and Equity

For Honours: An undergraduate degree a minimum weighted average of about 65% in the level 3 subjects from an approved institution. Applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For Masters or PhD : An appropriate Honours degree or equivalent research experience from an approved institution. Applicants will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Desirable Skills/Experience
A passion for understanding and addressing issues of justice.  A little bit of basic computer skills. Ready to have a fun learning experience.
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