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Sleep disorders are increasingly recognised as a worldwide public health concern. The Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine is intended as a university-level evidence based training program for both international and local general dentists with an interest in sleep medicine

Do it from your practice

The course is comprised completely of online units, which can be completed at home via the internet. This approach is intended to provide the flexibility for Australian and International dentists to study while continuing to practice.

Degree overview

The Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine will enable dentists to broaden their scientific and clinical knowledge and understanding of sleep, its fundamental physiology and neurobiology, and the various technologies with which sleep is monitored and interpreted, and of sleep breathing disorders (including sleep apnoea). It will allow dentists to develop the understanding and clinical skills required to practice evidence based care in the area of dental sleep medicine in consultation with qualified medical practitioners.

What is a Graduate Diploma?

A graduate diploma offered in Australia are typical of those offered in New Zealand, Canada, England, Wales, Ireland and Singapore. The graduate diploma is taken following a Bachelor's degree (in this case dentistry) and a successful award usually allows progression to a Masters Degree, and the ability to transfer credits into articulated degrees.