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Masters of Clinical Audiology

Master of Clinical Audiology and Doctor of Philosophy

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Clinical Audiology students

Audiologists are hearing health care professionals responsible for the assessment and management of individuals with hearing, communication and balance problems.

As part of our Master of Clinical Audiology program, students undertake a novel research project during their second year, and the submission of a research thesis.

Many of these research projects are funded by Widex Australia.

Topics are negotiated with the course coordinator and are chosen based on:

  • the student's own interests
  • the resources of the course
  • their suitability for a project of this scope. (While not the equivalent of a full research Masters, projects should be substantial and useful to the profession as a whole, or the Australian Community generally.)

Research Topics

Student research projects allow our students, the professional audiologists of tomorrow, to develop the skills to conduct their own original research and interpret the research of others.

Projects are diverse, covering topics such as:

  • electrophysiological studies for vestibular testing and infant hearing screening
  • development of audiovisual testing and games for child hearing assessment
  • tinnitus matching over the web
  • investigation of acoustic shock symptoms
  • development of a screening test for central auditory processing disorders in school children
  • assessment of regional health processes in the Government sector
  • development of a screening process using electrical muscle responses behind the ear
  • the use of binaural hearing aids for unilateral hearing loss.

Sample student projects from previous years:

    • Bryan, Allana An Alternative Teaching Method in Audiology Education using Audiovisual Techniques.
    • Buckingham, Richard Accuracy of Proprietary Real-Ear Simulation Fitting Software: Predictions versus Real Ear Measurements.
    • Clark, Elizabeth A Cost-effective Screening Test for CAPD for Educational Settings based on Subjective and Objective Tests of Directional Hearing.
    • Cook, Emily Effective Communication with the Hearing Impaired Population: Educating Primary School Children in Hearing Loss and How to be an Effective Communication Partner.
    • Crawford, Elizabeth Current Audiological Criteria for Detecting Acoustic Neuroma and the Course of Events from Audiological Referral to Diagnosis.
    • Doran, Ruth  Noise Exposures, Noise Abatement and Hearing Conservation Programs in the WA Mining Industry.
    • Faulds, Katrina Effects of Bilateral Mild-to-Moderate Sensorineural Hearing Loss (suspected OHC lesion) on the Perception of Musical Timbre.
    • Fitzgerald, Janice Analysis of the Personal Experiences of Hearing Children and their Life-long Deaf Parents in Western Australia.
    • Fleming, Michelle Training Hearing Care Workers in Cambodia.
    • Franklin, Camille Group Identification and Self-esteem among Hearing-impaired adolescents from Two Education Settings.
    • Grandidge, Amie and Pike, Melanie A High School Education Program on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: ‘What About the Rock and Roll?’.
    • Hashimi, Raza Datalogging of PAMR and ABR from Sleeping Subjects and Offline Analysis.
    • Khan, Ali Hearing Education and Training Programs for Health Care Workers in Aboriginal Communities.
    • Liew, Angela An Investigation into the Physiological Control Mechanisms of the Tensor Tympani Muscle and its Role in Acoustic Shock.
    • Mackendrick, Andrew An Audiological Investigation of the Relationship Between Central Auditory Attention Deficit Disorder in Non-Medicated Children.
    • Marinova, Ana Effective Education and Marketing Strategies to Motivate Hearing Impaired Clients to Seek Help.
    • Mossefeld, Nicole Hearing Education and Hearing Conservation Programs for the Rural Sector.
    • Nguy, Ha Development of a South Vietnamese Speech Discrimination Test
    • Nicola Taylor, Acoustic Shock Injury (ASI) and the 'flutter': An Examination of Oscillatory Ear Drum Movements in Normal Individuals and the Effect of Stress
    • Parkyn, Nicholas Noise Exposure and Associated Hearing Damage in Australian Non-Professional Amplified Musicians during Rehearsals
    • Petersen, Nicholas Development of a Greek Helen Test.
    • Sadeghi, Mona Social Impact of Technological Advancements on the Deaf and Hearing Impaired in Australia: Internet ChatRooms, Mobile Phones and SMS.
    • Solomon, Kellie The History and Influence of Hearing Aid Manufacturers in Australia
    • Wan, Geraldine A Staff Training Program for the Management of Hearing loss in Aged Care.
    • Watson, Josephine Development of a Speech Perception Test for Hearing Impaired Native Italian Speakers in Australia
    • Weaver, Michael Acceptance and Potential of Automatic Audiometry in the Clinical Setting.
    • Wijeratne, Dilani The effectiveness of services and facilities currently in place to assist profoundly deaf and hard of hearing students within tertiary institutions across Western Australia.
    • Williams, Tina Evaluation of a Computer-Based Matcher for Complex Tinnitus
    • Brenden van Fleet and Dr. Robert Patuzzi Professional Coping Strategies for Hearing-Impaired Audiologists
    • Sarah Parker and Robert Patuzzi Directional Hearing Assessment within The Classroom Environment: A Possible Screening Tool For Central Auditory Processing Disorders
    • Philippa Hatch and Robert Patuzzi Remote Audiological Services Provided by the WA Department of Health
    • Fred Bienvenu and Robert Patuzzi Trial of Video Display for Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
    • Hannah Bennet and Robert Patuzzi Development of a Cost-Effective Laptop-Based Cortical Evoked Response Averager
    • Howard Walmsley and Robert Patuzzi Optimising the Post-auricular Muscle Response For Screening Hearing (Eye Rotation Parameters)
    • Karen Parfitt and Robert Patuzzi An Audiological Investigation into Acoustic Shock from Telephones
    • Kevin Geer and Robert Patuzzi Developing a Simple/Portable DVD-based Audiovisual Hearing Screening Test for Paediatric testing administered by Parent/Guardian
    • Nicola Linton and Robert Patuzzi Objective Hearing Thresholds Estimated from Offline Analysis of the Post Auricular Muscle Response (PAMR) and Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) During Sleep
    • Raquel Fernandez, Peter Howes & Robert Patuzzi The Development of a Communication Program for Hearing Impaired Adults and their Partners.
    • Sandra Langille and Robert Patuzzi Fitting and Evaluating a Transcranial Hearing Aid for a Profound Unilateral Hearing Loss: A Practical Protocol for Audiologists
    • Sandrah Veling and Robert Patuzzi Matching Tinnitus to Computer-Generated Sounds versus Word Descriptions of Tinnitus
    • Vesna Maric and Peta J. Monley Validation of the Peta Scale: A Measure of Audiological Rehabilitation Outcomes
    • Steven Italiano and Robert Patuzzi Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs) and their Effect on PAMR screening procedures.
    • Michael K. Soon, Linda Doull and Robert B. Patuzzi Prediction of Speech Perception Performance of Post-operative Cochlear Implant Subjects Based on Neural Response Telemetry - Threshold Measure
    • Lydia Cheng, Peta Monley and Barbara Gell Preliminary Examination into the Efficacy of the iHear CAPD Checklist as an Observational Instrument for Central Auditory Processing Disorder in Children
    • Lisa Goh and Peta Monley Elderly Hearing Impaired Clients’ Reactions to First Diagnosis of a Permanent Hearing Loss.
    • Hugh Roberts and Peta Monley On the Provision of Audiological Assessment Through Public and Private Health Funds
    • Gemma Edwards and Barbara Gell Extended High Frequency Thresholds in Children Who Fail A Central Auditory Processing Screening Test
    • Elle L. Chapman, Robert Patuzzi and Paula Schneider Classroom Acoustics in Typical Western Australian Schools
    • Carl R. Chase and Peta Monley Prevention and Reduction of Tinnitus Distress: The Content and Delivery of Tinnitus Resources in Western Australia
    • Cliff Casey and Peta Monley Audiology in Australia: A Brief History
    • Rebekah Jaganathan and Robert Patuzzi Optimising the Post-auricular Muscle Response for Hearing Screening using binaural clicks in a dichotic setting
    • Catherine Morgan and Robert Patuzzi Auditory Brainstem Response Waveforms Before and After Tone-Decay in Vestibular Schwannoma Patients
    • Kate Evershed and Peta Monley Face Validation of the SCAN C: Test for Auditory Processing Disorders in Children – Revised (Australian Speaker)
    • Tamara Arriagada Factors Determining the Cessation of Hearing Aid Use in the Elderly Living in Residential Care
    • Bardia Paki and Desmond Kirk The Characteristic Place of the f2-f1 Oto-Acoustic Emission (OAE) Contributes to the Production of the f2-f1 OAE

    • Zoe Sampson Audiology in Western Australia: Development of a Profession 
    • Marian Brandreth and Peta Monley Infection Control in Australian Audilogy Clinics 
    • Rachel Clack and Robert Patuzzi The Post-Auricular Muscle Response in Objective Threshold Estimation
    • A.M. Pelleri, H. Goulios, H. Dillon and R.B. Patuzzi Differences in Preferred Gain between Experienced and Inexperienced Hearing Aid Users
    • Kerryn Sivwright Upper Respiratory Tract Bacterial Carriage in Otitis Media in Kalgoorlie Child Population
    • B.C. Mortimer, J. Kei and R. Patuzzi A Mandarin Sentence Test to Measure the Understanding of Connected Speech by Hearing-Impaired Chinese in Singapore

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