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Current Students

Laboratory and Tutorial enrolments

Undergraduate Psychology students need to register for laboratories and tutorials online.

All lab and tutorial enrolments for first, second and third year Psychology units must be made through the University's Class Allocation System (CAS).

The School of Psychology is not directly involved in the administration of CAS. You should consult the CAS web site for any updates regarding the schedule of events and for help sources in the event of technical difficulties.

After Hours Classes

Where possible, after hour laboratory and tutorial classes will be available for 1st - 3rd year units, after 4pm, on selected weekdays. The actual time and day will be available on CAS closer to the start of the semester.

Class Allocation System Help

If the Class Allocation System (CAS) does not allocate you to a tutorial or lab class, or allocates you to a class that is not suitable, please follow these instructions:

1.    Log in to CAS and add/ move yourself to a suitable group with available seats. 

a.    Please do this prior to the end of Week 1 of Semester. 

b.    Note: You will be able to make changes on CAS until the end of Week 2 of Semester.

c.    If you do change classes after Week 1 please inform your original and new tutors so that they can correct their participation records.


2.    If there are no suitable spaces available in CAS, try the School of Psychological Science Lab Swap Forum in LMS.

a.    If no suitable spaces are available in CAS, you can post a request on the relevant discussion board, asking if there are any other students willing to swap.

b.    You will find a discussion board for each Psychological Science unit in the "Psychology - Lab Swap Forum" unit on your Community page in LMS.


3.    If by Week 1 of Semester you have not been able to find a suitable tutorial/lab you can apply to swap.

a.    Complete the School's "Application for Change of CAS Group Allocation" form

b.    Provide supporting evidence of your situation as well as a screen shot showing that you have tried using the Lab Swap Forum. 

c.    We will accept forms from Friday of Week 1 of Semester. 

a.    All applications will be reviewed by the relevant unit coordinator.

b.    An email will be sent once changes have been made asking students to check their allocations in CAS and contact their original and new tutors so that they can correct their participation records.

c.    We are limited in the changes we can make (based on capacity), and will therefore not be able to accommodate all requests, so we encourage students to continue to attempt to change themselves on CAS. 

d.    Please note, if you have submitted a form requesting a change and then manage to change yourself, we ask that you contact us immediately to withdraw your request. 

e.    You must attend the class that you were allocated until you have been able to officially swap on CAS.


4.    If you enrol after Week 2 please follow the procedure outlined in Step 3.


Please follow the steps above before contacting us. 



CAS Change Form [PDF, 158.6 KB]
Updated 1 May 2017

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