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Enrolment checklist

Changing your enrolment

In the majority of cases, you can change your enrolment online through studentConnect. For further details, including relevant cut-off dates, see UWA handbooks.

Deferring your studies

If you are planning to take time off, and are not enrolled for any part of an academic year, you must apply for approved leave [PDF, 40kb]. Please submit the form to the Faculty office or to Student Administration.

It is essential that you know when and where your lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions are being held.

Medicine, Dentistry and Podiatric Medicine students use the timetable site and Health Sciences students use the online class registration system (OLCR) to register for tutorials or classes.

Timetable clashes

If you are having a problem with your timetable because the units you selected are clashing, you might have to choose other units. If lecture and/or tutorial times coincide with other units, you can register a clash at the timetable site.

You can also contact the unit co-ordinators to find out about changing tutorial times. You need to do this before the second week of each semester.

If the situation is not resolved after talking to the unit co-ordinators, contact the relevant Faculty office. If the problem still cannot be solved, you may need to change your enrolment.


Lectures begin on the first day of semester, even if it is a public holiday. Course outlines and textbook lists are usually provided in the first lecture.

Labs and tutorials

Laboratory classes can begin in the first week of each semester. Many begin in the second week, as do most tutorials.

Check your timetable to find out if you have been allocated laboratory classes. If not, check noticeboards in the school or discipline offices. Laboratory classes are compulsory and you may be excluded from sitting the exam for a unit if you have not attended the labs.

If you are unable to attend a particular class for a sound reason (for example, illness), speak to the unit co-ordinator.

You must follow health and safety directives in laboratories.