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Scholarly Activity

Scholarly Activity is a distinctive feature of the UWA MD degree.

The Scholarly Activity Database is now available for viewing. Logon using your student number and Pheme password here

It allows graduate students to explore the development and application of scholarship in a strikingly diverse range of contexts, broadly grouped into three streams: Service, Research, or Coursework.

Students will chose their preferred stream, which will become the focus of their scholarly activity undertaken in years two through four of the program.

Students are encouraged to browse information about available projects and courses and apply for those that may be of interest to them. The Project Expo will offer students the ability to meet and discuss projects with potential supervisors.

Once students have selected a project in a given stream, their focus will comprise four units, with at least three of the four units taken in relation to their stream.

Service learning and research streams

The first unit in both the service and research streams is a mandatory preparatory unit, designed to equip the students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to undertake their chosen service activity or research project.

The remaining three units will preferably be activity based (ie a service-based or research project), enabling students to apply the skills they have learnt, and to demonstrate critical thinking in their analyses or reflections on the activity they have undertaken.

Coursework stream

The coursework stream comprises a sequence of four units from an existing postgraduate degree. For example a selection of four nits from the Master of Health Professional Education or Master of Public Health courses. These can subsequently be credited towards that degree.