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PDM Academic Services Officer
Deborah Chapman

P: (+61 8) 6457 1886

Postal Address:

Medical School, MBDP: M516
UWA Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway, Crawley 6009 WA

PDM Co-ordinator
Assoc Prof Paul McGurgan

The UWA Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, in collaboration with the Western Australian Medical Students Society (WAMSS), have expanded the UWA Student Services Unimentor program.

This is called the Student MeDMentor Program. Your experience of being mentored by a senior student or mentoring a junior student can also be used as assets for your ePortfolio.

For Student MeDMentees:

In the first few weeks of the course you will be allocated to a senior medical student mentor - your Student MeDMentor. These are senior students who have volunteered and undertaken UniMentor training. The aim is that you develop an ongoing mentor relationship with them to assist you in transitioning to life as a UWA MD student and eventually becoming a qualified doctor.

You can approach your Student MeDMentor to discuss issues and ideas that develop as part of the MD course. You may ask for feedback or advice to clarify situations.

The Faculty recommends meeting with your Student MeDMentor at least twice each year.

It is important that you have a Student MeDMentor for all of Year 1. Beyond Year 1 you may choose not to continue to have a Student MeDMentor. This is in contrast to the Clinician-Student mentoring program where you must continue to have a Clinician Mentor for your Professional Development through the MD course (the Clinician-Student mentor program is compulsory). If you subsequently wish to re-join the Student-Student mentoring program, please contact PPD Admin and you will be re-allocated another Student MeDMentor.

The Student mentoring relationship is to provide you with:

  • Pastoral care (orientation to the University and MD course, encourage good self-care habits, meeting regularly)
  • Assistance with your professional development (attitudes and behaviour, reflective practice, legal and ethics)
  • Feedback on how to achieve your professional and academic goals e.g. leadership, educator, advocacy, clinician and/or scholar
  • Respect for your beliefs and opinions but also encourage you to reflect and consider alternative viewpoints

The Student MeDMentor program is discussed in more detail in the Student-Student Mentoring in Medicine (Student MeDMentor/Mentee) Guidebook.

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