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Rural and Regional Internship

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Penny Carruthers

RuralThe rural and regional Internship provides an opportunity for students to gain practical legal experience in law firms and legal organisations in Geraldton, WA.

Students will take part in a discrete induction program to introduce them to the legal environment in Geraldton, in particular the way law firms, government and non-government organisations collaborate to get the best results for rural and regional clients. Students may also have the opportunity to engage in research with students from other disciplines placed in Geraldton through our close relationship with Western Australian Centre for Regional Health.

Supervisor Profile


JD student, Frances Hewitt interned at the Geraldton Resource Centre (GRC). GRC is a non-profit organisation providing services to people experiencing disadvantage in the Mid West and Gascoyne regions of WA. Towns within these regions experience hardship due to long term drought, lack of employment opportunities, housing shortages and the rising costs of living such as basic food items and fuel prices. Most communities within our service area have a regional price index between 4 – 8% higher than that of the Perth metropolitan area, a situation that is generating increased strain on families and communities already experiencing hardship.
GRC offers 14 individual and diverse services with up to 37 full time staff and volunteers working to provide our community with access to information, advice and support. GRC’s outreach service area extends from Geraldton north to Exmouth (838kms), south to Leeman (153kms) and east to Meekatharra (535kms). This area is about the size of the United Kingdom in terms of land mass.


Student Experiences

Legal AidLeah O'Connell
"I completed my internship at Legal Aid in Geraldton during the summer break. This was a fantastic opportunity to gain some legal experience and to put what I had learnt throughout my first year into practice. During my time at Legal Aid I was able to attend the District, Magistrate and Bardimalgu Courts as well as sitting in on interviews for the Duty Lawyer Service at the Court and the Regional Prison. I regard the internship unit as a very valuable and insightful experience that I will take with me throughout the rest of my studies and future career."

James Moorman
"I had the opportunity to spend my placement for the legal internship in the rural and regional stream. I found this to be a highly enjoyable and interesting experience. Like all clinical education the placement was fascinating in that it placed my studies into a practical environment. However, I believe that the rural internship is particularly beneficial in that it highlights the very different relationship that rural practitioners have with their clients. Throughout the course of the internship I had the opportunity to attend a district court trial and experience other diverse areas of private law. I would highly recommend the unit and in particular a rural placement."