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Current Students


Do you have a question about your unit?  Find out who and how to ask a question.

Josephine offers advice to first year students about how to find answers at UWA. 

Friends, peers and classmates

Friends, peers and classmates are great resources to ask general inquiries for things like “which classes are cancelled on Prosh?” The Law and Society Facebook Page is a great place to start.


LMS and LCS are where you will find answers to intellectual and practical unit-specific questions. You will find the Lecture Capture System (LCS) to be an invaluable resource for information regarding content discussed in lectures.  You may also find posting on the LMS discussion board helpful. You could find answers to questions such as:

  • “what is an example of white collar crime?” (Intellectual)
  • “how do I submit my assignment?” (Practical)

Information Services

Information Services can help with referencing and research assistance. The Information Services Guides are extremely useful online tools.  You may also choose to ask someone at the Help Desk on the Library for assistance. This resource might be able to help you find answers to questions like “I am having trouble finding information on white collar crime in Australia.”

Student Services

Student Services offers a variety of assignment resources on-campus and online.  Staff can help answer questions such as “how do I introduce a scholarly source in my essay?”


Your tutor can help with intellectual queries such as “I don't understand why is tax fraud is a white collar crime?”  These questions are best asked in person during tutorials, rather than the night before an assignment is due.

Faculty Advisers

Your Faculty Adviser can help you to apply for Special Consideration.  This may include (but is not limited to) instances such as “I have had a death in the family and cannot complete my assignment on time.”

Unit Coordinators

Your Unit Coordinator is the person to contact when you have exhausted all other measures …. Have you? If you have, send an email. If you have not, think about whether you could do some extra problem solving before taking this action. Unit Coordinators will try their best to help you but cannot get to the more important requests if they are swamped by trivia. 

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