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A number of websites can help you with information regarding jobs, tools, resources and references for Philosophy.

  1. Aphil-l email network
  2. General Items
  3. Jobs in philosophy
  4. Problems: Avoidance and solution
  5. Publishing in philosophy
  6. Reference works and other valuables
  7. Research tools
  8. Viruses, worms and trojans

Aphil-l email network

All Philosophy postgraduate students are expected to subscribe to the electronic mailing list, Aphil-l. It is the most effort-free way of finding out about conferences, jobs and so forth. Subscribe through the Australasian Association of Philosophy.

General items

Two websites with large amounts of information relevant to PhD and master's by research students and their supervisors, especially as submission time approaches, are:

Jobs in philosophy

Problems: Avoidance and solution

Questionnaires designed to promote better understanding between student and supervisor, and intended for consultation by both, can be found at:

Publishing in Philosophy

If you are contemplating submitting a paper for publication, these sites may help (but note that none is entirely reliable):

Reference works and other valuables

Useful material, including extensive information about reference works.

Research tools

Research Tools includes online access to philosophy journals and the Oxford English Dictionary. 

Viruses, worms and trojans

Find out about computer viruses and other malware and scams, and check the veracity of virus warnings, at: