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Honours policy

Policies and guidelines

This policy covers all aspects of the School of Humanities honours courses, so you should read it carefully to know what to expect.

  1. Entry requirements for honours courses
  2. Time limits
  3. Structure of honours programs
  4. Joint and cognate honours
  5. Withdrawal and revision to honours program
  6. Honours results

Entry requirements for honours courses

To apply for honours, you need a major in the particular subject area with a satisfactory average in the Level 3 units of the chosen major. To see the requirements for your subject area please refer to the Honours specialisations on the Future Students website.

The individual disciplines may have additional requirements. You are encouraged to speak with the Honours Coordinator and/or relevant discipline prior to applying.

Students who do not meet the standard requirements may still apply for admission to honours, but a special case needs to be made.

If you wish to apply for honours, you should approach the Honours Coordinator of the discipline group(s) concerned shortly before you expect to complete your bachelor degree. The approval of both the discipline group(s) and the Faculty is required for honours entry.

It is required that students complete all the requirements for their bachelor degree before they can be admitted to end-on honours.

Check the Future Students website for information on how to apply, including deadline for applications.

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Time limits

You may apply to be admitted to honours within seven years of completing your bachelor degree.

The honours course can be taken over two semesters full-time or three to four semesters part-time.

If you encounter medical or personal difficulties that hamper your progress, it is possible to extend the honours time limit by up to two semesters with special permission from the Faculty on the recommendation of the discipline group(s) concerned.

Work commitments rarely justify extension of the honours time limit.

If you do not need to extend your honours time limit, but wish to request an extension on your dissertation submission date, you must apply for Special Consideration to the Faculty.

Extensions of longer than two weeks should be reported to the Faculty on a special approval form.

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Structure of honours programs

Honours programs in the Faculty usually consist of a 24-point dissertation (split into two 12-point semester halves) and 24 points worth of coursework seminars (split into a combination of 6 and 12-point semester units). To view the course structure for your honours discipline please see the UWA Handbook.

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Joint and cognate honours

It is possible to take a joint honours course if a suitable program is approved by both of the discipline groups concerned and the Faculty.

You are expected to take a minimum of 18 points from each of the two disciplines to qualify for joint honours, although some disciplines may require more.

Students wishing to undertake a smaller amount of study in a second discipline during their honours year may be eligible for a cognate honours program.

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Withdrawal and revision to honours program

Individual honours pathways will be approved by the Faculty when students first enrol in honours.

If you want to make subsequent changes to your honours pathway, you should submit to the Faculty for approval a change of enrolment form and a revised honours pathway signed by Honours Coordinator.

The dissertation is treated as a single full-year component

Although the dissertation is split into two separate semester-long codes, it is normally treated as a single full-year component of the honours program taken across two consecutive semesters in both part-time and full-time honours programs.

You are advised to discuss the implications of any proposed revision to your honours pathway with your Honours Coordinator.

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Honours results

You enrol in a separate unit code for each of your honours components, including a separate code for each semester half of the dissertation.

A mark will be allocated at the end of each semester for each individual unit enrolment, with the exception of the dissertation 1 unit (first half of the dissertation), which will be graded as AC (Assessment Continuing) as this is a part-unit only.

The results for dissertation 2 and all seminar units taken will be used to calculate the overall honours result in accordance with the formula applied in the relevant discipline group(s) (which will normally involve a proportional weighting of each honours component).

Honours results will be classified as follows:

  • First Class Honours (H1) 80-100 per cent
  • Second Class Honours Division A (2A) 70-79 per cent
  • Second Class Honours Division B (2B) 60-69 per cent
  • Third Class Honours 50-59 per cent

Results for individual components and the overall honours classification will appear on your academic transcript.

Census dates for units of study and last dates to withdraw apply

The census dates for units of study and last dates to withdraw each semester apply to honours units. See UWA Important Dates.

Failed honours units cannot be repeated

If you fail an honours unit, you will not be permitted to repeat it and will have your mark factored into the calculation of your overall honours result.

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